Assistive Technology: ‘BIG Blue’-Tooth Keyboard

Picture of an accessible bluetooth computer keyboard

One of our goals is to highlight assistive technology that may be useful to those with special needs. Today, we present RJ Cooper’s ‘BIG Blue’-Tooth Keyboard.

This keyboard is wireless to protect against cord-tugging and accommodate restlessness, and has big 1″ keys for easy discovery and use (keys available in either colored rows or yellow). It also comes with a keyboard stand, which puts the keyboard at a 60-degree angle. This eliminates the up-and-down head movement that promotes poor posture. Insert an iPad into the stand (the tall tablet stand is sold separately) above the top edge of the keyboard for correct positioning.

This device is also VoiceOver and Switch Control compatible.

An optional keyguard is available; this allows the user’s hands to rest “on” the keys without actually making contact, thus preventing accidental keystrikes. There is also an optional key separator, to help users learn where their hands should go. A Bluetooth USB adapter can be purchased for older computers.

The cost for this assistive technology device is $200.00 and up.

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