Waiver Roles

It takes a lot to get Consumer-Directed (CD) waiver services established and operational. CD waiver services have specific roles that are built to assist people in accessing and maintaining CD waiver services. The following are key roles in the CD model of service. These valuable players are outlined and defined below:

  • Employer of Record (EOR)The EOR is the employer of the attendant providing care and support for the waiver recipient. They can also be the person receiving services if they are oriented and 18+ years of age. The EOR will sign the paperwork, manage attendants, and provide timesheets. They can serve multiple clients if all clients live in the same household. The EOR is the ‘BOSS’ and has the FINAL Authority over other roles.

    Please Note: The EOR cannot be the Service Facilitator
    * Parent of minor or Spouse of the individual – Only one LRI (Legally Responsible Individual) can be EOR or an attendant.

  • Attendant (PCA)
  • The attendant is the person employed by the EOR to provide CD Person Assistance, Respite Services, or Companion Services. The attendant must be at least 18 years old and pass a background check. They must have the necessary knowledge, skills, and ability to carry out their responsibilities. * Parent of a minor or the individual’s spouse – Only one LRI (Legally Responsible Individual) can be an EOR or an attendant.
  • Service Facilitator (SF)
  • Other Waiver Roles
    • Legally Responsible Individual: A legally responsible individual is any person who has a duty under state law to care for another person and typically includes: (a) the parent (biological or adoptive) of a minor child or the guardian of a minor child who must provide care to the child or (b) a spouse of a waiver participant. (sources: Applications – CCC+ pg88; FIS pg174; CL pg177)
    • Required Backup (Plan): In the event of an emergency, the backup caregiver assumes the task of giving direct care and support to the waiver recipient. If the primary caregiver is unable to care for the individual or is absent, the backup caregiver must complete the duties required for the waiver recipient with training and without pay. The backup must be 18+ and be able to take on duties if the attendant and PCG are unavailable. 
    • Primary Caregiver (PCG): The PCG is an unpaid position. They must be 18 years old or older and are sometimes referred to as natural support. The PCG is the primary person who constantly assumes the role of providing direct care and support to the individual to live successfully in the community without compensation.
    • DD Support Coordinator (SC)
    • MCO Care Coordinator (CC)below
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