What is a Service Facilitator?

Moms In Motion (Moms) is a Consumer-Directed Service(s) Facilitation (CDSF) provider for people screened and approved for Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers. If you are choosing to receive services through the Consumer-Directed (CD) model Moms is here to help. Our team of Service Facilitators are ready to assist with the management training needed to be an Employer of Record (EOR). All CD services require the services of a Service Facilitator.

Moms is Medicaid-enrolled provider of CDSF services. Our SF Team is responsible for supporting the person and family/EOR by ensuring the development and monitoring of the consumer-directed services plan of care, providing EOR management training, and completing ongoing review activities as required by DMAS for consumer-directed services.

  • Make sure the person gets the services needed.
  • Develop the service plan with the person and the EOR.
  • Provide the fiscal employer agent (FA) the appropriate forms to start the process of establishing the EOR.
  • Review this manual with the EOR.
  • Submit requests for service authorization to the appropriate service authorization contractor.
  • Train the EOR on the required tasks of an employer.
  • Document services as required by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).
  • Assists the EOR when filling out paperwork for the Fiscal Employer Agent.
  • Conduct reassessment visits.
  • Conduct the annual level of care review process.

How is this Accomplished?

Intake (Initial Visit)

As an authorized service provider in a Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) Waiver Services Program, and as the service facilitation provider selected by the person, the CD service facilitator agrees to provide service facilitation services in accordance with DMAS regulations, policies, and guidelines. The CD service facilitator will provide management training for the EOR using the CD EOR Manual (English / Spanish).

Routine (Monthly Visits)

The CD service facilitator agrees to supervise the service plan in a manner that ensures the person’s health, safety, and personal autonomy, including periodic monitoring of the provision of the services. The CD service facilitator agrees to ensure that services provided to the person are authorized and appropriate. The CD service facilitator agrees to maintain appropriate records and to provide the person with information necessary for the person’s continued participation.

Is this the Career for you?

Are you interested in having a positive impact on people’s lives? We are looking for qualified applicants who have either an RN, Associate’s, or Bachelor’s degree. Various locations are available throughout the state of Virginia. Interested in joining our team? Apply here.

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