National Book Month for Special Needs Children​

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Every October is National Book Month. The month-long celebration emphasizes the value of reading, writing, and literature. 

How Reading Can Help Special Needs Children

Reading aloud to young children is an excellent approach to engage them while also fostering language development and early literacy skills. When it comes to reading to special needs children, it is suggested that reading in small groups may be more beneficial. “Traditionally, one-on-one reading instruction has been considered optimal for students with [learning disabilities],” says researcher H. Lee Swanson, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of California, Riverside (Fahim, 2018). A recent study found that providing children with intellectual disabilities with quality reading time boosted their verbal and argumentative skills, vocabulary, self-esteem, and empowerment (Fernández-Villardón et al., 2021). 

3 Simple Techniques for Assisting Your Special Needs Child with Reading 

  • Choose reading materials that will keep them interested.
    • A child with exceptional needs frequently benefits from greater one-on-one engagement and learning that is targeted to their particular wants and needs. It is best to select reading books that your youngster enjoys.
  • Create a calm atmosphere.
    • Learning takes place in a relaxed, safe, and comfortable setting. 
  • Praise your child frequently.
    • Praise your child for their reading progress and for anything else they accomplish in their lives. Every child wants to feel important, needed, and cherished (Dalien, 2023).

Learn how reading helped Maddie Lewis, a young girl with epilepsy and global developmental delay.



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