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Advocacy In Motion, Fighting for Answers, & Commending Hope

Moms In Motion is dedicated to advocating for civil rights, disability rights, and inclusivity. We actively stand up and speak out about the issues That directly impact people with disabilities and we need your help!

As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, one of your greatest assets is your voice. Active citizen participation is an integral part of a functioning representative democracy Your opinion regarding pending legislation matters.

By participating in voicing your opinion on these issues, we can work together to improve policies, and inclusivity, and make the Commonwealth of Virginia more welcoming and accommodating for everyone. 

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signs legislation to assist Virginians with developmental disabilities and their families.

Current Advocacy

Increases in Provider Rates

Since 2005, Consumer-Directed service providers have received our first rate increase of 12.5% in 2021, which equates to roughly 0.62% year over year.

Virtual Visits

Telehealth or video methods should be allowed for some components of CD Services, allowing for some visits to be conducted virtually.

Personal Assistance Service (LRI Guardrails)

Keeping Consumer-Direction an option for those who have parents of minors and spouses as paid attendants.

Increases in PCA Rates

The introduced budget proposed a 5% increase and this amendment raises the increase to 12%.

Person-Centered Regulations

Changes in language in the regulations to support individual choice (as seen in the new amended applications).

Public Policy Participation

Changes in budget language to prevent policy/regulatory change by DMAS without express consent and support of the general assembly.

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