Our Mission & Vision

Leading people and families to the Answers, Help, and Hope that they have been looking for through love and leverage. Our mission is to provide Service Facilitation for people approved for Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers (CCC Plus ,CL & FIS, EPSDT program). We serve individuals and their families by providing resources, information, engaging in advocacy through community- and state-wide networks, and by assisting people in navigating the waiver world’s constant changes because everyone deserves a fulfilling quality of life.

Our Impact

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Being empowered and guided to Answers, Help, & Hope by our team of experts.

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Community Partners

Across the Commonwealth to ensure you have access to the resources you need.

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Advocating for your needs because we know that support makes all the difference.

Do you need more help?

Do you need waiver screening coaching or tips? Are you having trouble understanding what a Medicaid Waiver is?  Do you want to know how to start the process?

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