Find Temporary Respite Care at Jill’s House

Any parent and caretaker of a child or children with disabilities would say that caring for them is, first and foremost, a labor of love. But that doesn’t mean that the emotional, psychological, and physical strains don’t happen. And if other children—with or without disabilities—are involved, the strains are that much greater. Always, there is

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Occupational Therapy and Special Needs

Why You Should Consider Occupational Therapy for Your Child with Special Needs For those who have a child with special needs, you may be interested in looking into occupational therapy to assist you with certain challenges. However, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the logistics of where to begin.  Both occupational therapy and physical

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A Child with ADHD Can Be Frustrated by Homework

If your child has ADHD, you may feel a sense of dread or frustration at the mere mention of homework. Most likely, this is a challenging time in your household and you may not be sure why or how to handle it.  Here’s why homework can be incredibly frustrating for children with ADHD, and how

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Bathing a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

As parents and attendants, you most likely know what a challenge bathing a child with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPC can be for everyone involved. The various factors that go into a bath, the different sounds, activities, and textures can therefore, be rather taxing for both the adult and child. The following tips will assist

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Assistive Technology: iPad Benefits

You might wonder how the iPad can be considered assistive technology for those with disabilities. Happily, app creators from all over continue to make communication more accessible and cost-effective for persons with developmental and speech disabilities, making the iPad a comfortable visual and aural medium for them. Mobile apps provide these persons with many of the

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Life Changing Experience with Ability Unlimited

Ability Unlimited changed our son’s life. Our son, Giovanni, is a non-verbal 4 year old who has Trisomy-21, Down syndrome. Giovanni applied for the assistive technology device for his communication needs through the Medicaid waiver. Ability Unlimited was instrumental in helping our family with our needs and helping us apply. Because of their help, Giovanni was approved for

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