New Clients with Moms in Motion

Step #1

Referral Process: Are you looking for information about Virginia Medicaid Waivers? Do you or a loved one already have a Virginia Medicaid Waiver or are enrolled in the EPSDT Program and are looking for a Consumer Directed Service Facilitation Provider? Great! We are here to help you! Schedule an appointment to speak to a Family Resource Specialist today to start your journey to Answers, Help, & Hope!

Step #2

Waiver Screening/Approval Onboarding:  Once the individual has been screened and approved for waiver/program our Client Engagement Team will help with the next steps of the client onboarding process. 

Step #3

Electronic Intake Packet:  This packet is to be completed by families during the onboarding process, they will be instructed to complete this packet by a team member in order to prepare for the intake appointment as a client of Moms In Motion.

Step #4

Onboarding Meeting:  Once you have completed your Electronic Intake Packet and received your Client ID you are now ready to schedule your Onboarding Meeting with one of our Intake Specialist team members. They are excited to get to know you and help you navigate the next step!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have been awarded a waiver and choose Moms In Motion to be your Consumer Directed Service Facilitation Provider we will begin collecting the necessary documentation from your screening. Please fill out the Electronic Intake Packet to update your client file, you will then schedule with an Intake Specialist for onboarding and be assigned to a Service Facilitation Team. 

Moms In Motion is a Consumer Directed Service Facilitation Provider. We do not hire attendants. We provide training to the clients Employer of Record (EOR) so that they are prepared to hire attendants in the community for the client.

  • Family provided with Waiver Coaching & guided through the Screening Process
  • Once Approved for Waiver and Medicaid the important roles are discussed for Consumer Directed services
  • Family & Moms In Motion – Meet for Intake & all signed paperwork is obtained
  • Moms in Motion – Submits for authorization 
  • Authorization is approved
  • EOR hires an attendant through the Fiscal Agent and their process
  • Once EOR and attendant are approved attendant(s) can begin work 
  • Attendant receives pay from Fiscal Agent (direct deposit, pay card, or paper check)

By completing the Electronic Intake Packet in advance this will streamline the process and eliminate the need for the family to prepare anything to the Initial Visit. Moms In Motion does however recommend that all EOR’s keep updated records on hand of client diagnosis, medications, and any relevant information on behalf of the client.

Employer Identification Number: This number is assigned by the IRS and provided by the Fiscal Agent to new Employer of Records utilizing Consumer Directed Services. If the Employer of Record currently has an EIN number from a separate business they would need to transfer that EIN number and cease business practices for the previously used purpose.

No. In Consumer Directed Services the Employer of Record is an unpaid role. The Attendant is a paid role that is employed by the Employer of Record. The Employer of Record is the “boss”, the Attendant is the “employee”.

NOVA (Northern VA)- $17.27/hr

ROS (Rest of State)- $13.34/hr

Consumer Directed Attendants are not allowed to perform skilled nursing duties. This is not a service eligible to be billed.

Yes, someone can fill the role of Employer of Record for multiple clients as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • All clients must live at the same address (this must be the address on file with DSS and all other agencies)
  • The EOR must live close enough to monitor services for all clients on a regular basis (generally within 50 miles of the client)
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