Client Engagement

Tammy Hamrick

Client Relations Manager
Tammy resides in Prince George, Virginia with her husband and their three children. Tammy loves to help people and is quick to volunteer not just herself, but her family. Tammy holds a B.A. in Human Services from Southern New Hampshire University. Tammy has a heart for children and families and believes kindness is contagious.

April Austin

Family Resource Specialist

April lives in Southwest Virginia in the small town of Pound. She is a wife, mom, and bonus mom to five kiddos. She has three girls and two boys. April is the mother of a daughter with ADHD and has had to personally navigate through behavioral therapy, medications, doctor visits, IEP's, meetings, TDT services, and more.

She has worked with intellectually and physically disabled clients for eight years in a group home and day support setting. During this time, she taught BLS & First Aid as an AHA BLS CPR Instructor and was a supervisor in training, as well as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional in training. She assisted with behavior planning, paperwork, as well as person centered reviews.

She worked as a CNA prior to starting her journey working with intellectually disabled clients. She has earned her associate degree in applied sciences and plans on earning her bachelor’s degree in human services and counseling. April has also volunteered for three years as a Special Olympics coach for Area 10, in outdoor sports as well as bowling. This is one of her favorite contributions so far, finding the best smiles and happiest people to surround herself with there.

Her love for serving the community and helping people has led her to Moms In Motion so that she can continue helping others. She is so very excited to participate in serving the community statewide!

Cassady Bower

Client Engagement Specialist

Cassady Bower has been married to her husband for over four years and is a huge animal person, especially with dogs, and has a French Bulldog who she is obsessed with. She is from Lynchburg, VA where her husband and her own a men’s clothing store and a coffee shop. She began as an elementary education major with a minor in special needs but changed her degree as a freshman due to the competitive nature of the program and later graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in fashion merchandising.

Cassady has always been very compassionate, wanting to help others any way that she can. She loves the Moms In Motion mission statement and what they have to offer for people who are struggling to find resources. She is excited to be a part of a team who works together to benefit peoples’ lives. Cassady has grown up around people with disabilities and is very prepared to help those who may be struggling. She has seen how this job has impacted her mom (who also works with Moms), and she is ready to share that experience.

Courtney Christian

Family Resource Specialist
Courtney is originally from East Tennessee but moved to Williamsburg with her husband and girls. She has been married since 2010 and they have two daughters that keep them on their toes! She has been in the nursing field for over 14 years and has worked in different nursing facilities, helping with people of all ages. Courtney has a big heart, compassion for people, and loves to be there in their time of need. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and shopping with her daughters. She loves what Moms In Motion stands for and is excited to be a part of the team!

Emily Fox

Client Engagement Specialist
Emily currently resides in Southwest Virginia, where she was born and raised. She moved to Georgia in 2016 and then moved back to VA in 2020 when COVID-19 hit to be with her family. Emily and her wife have a visually impaired cat named Juniper and a snake named Valentine. Although they do not have kids of their own, they have nine nieces and have discussed the possibility of fostering. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, baking, and crocheting. Emily comes from a large family and is a particularly family-oriented individual. When she found out about Moms In Motion and their goal to provide help and resources to families in need, she knew she would be a good fit.

Julie Harless

Client Engagement Specialist
Julie is a single mom of two sons. They live a simple life in the Appalachian foothills of southwest Virginia. Having been a native to the area, the personality and ambition she has about life would make anyone feel they were in good hands. In her spare time, she has an interest in spending time with family and folks that she holds close in her life. She decided to join the Moms in Motion team when she noticed how their mission was to help others.

Kristie Tewalt

Family Resource Specialist

Kristie lives in Front Royal, VA with her husband, Tim, and son, Hayden. She is a CNA who has worked with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in both facility and home care environments. In that time, she has seen the struggles people have faced to provide care for their family members. She joined Moms in Motion to help families find the resources they need to get the best quality care for their loved ones. She looks forward to assisting clients and providing them with the support and care they deserve.

Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds

Family Resource Specialist

Lisa is a native of Staunton, VA. She was first introduced to the world of Medicaid waivers when her best friend, who was like a brother to her, became disabled after an illness. Trying to find help for her friend, Lisa contacted a high school classmate who was a Case Manager with a local hospital and thus began their journey. She was a caregiver for her friend for almost nine years. After his passing, Lisa went on to serve other clients and to join Moms In Motion as a Family Resource Specialist.

Lisa knows first hand how the program makes it possible for people to live in the comfort of their own surroundings, to be active in their community, to empower their lives, and to enrich the lives of all the people with whom they come in contact. Lisa does her best to help other families receive the help they need as a way to honor the memory of her dear friend.

Mary Flores

Client Engagement Specialist

Mary is a former military dependent who was born in Germany and permanently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and her large, blended family. In Mary’s spare time, she loves going to the beach, watching her sons’ sporting events, reading, attending her daughter’s wheelchair basketball games, and spending quality time with her beautiful grandchildren.

While Mary has always had the drive to lend a helping hand, the passion became more personal when her daughter was born with cerebral palsy. Mary is remarkably familiar with the obstacles and stress that one can encounter with a special needs child. Throughout her daughter’s life, she never knew there were so many resources available, nor did she think that her daughter would qualify for selected programs, until she came across Moms In Motion (MIM).

Her goal as she begins her journey with MIM is to educate, promote advocacy, and empower people with the knowledge regarding the various Medicaid waivers available for the elderly and those with disabilities, so that they can be an advocate for themselves or their family members. There is nothing more fulfilling than to see a person obtain the support and care they deserve to live a healthy and happy life.

Selene Porter

Family Resource Specialist
Selene was raised in Portland, Oregon and recently moved to Virginia. She is a single mom of four kids and her dog Coco. Her son became diagnosed with IDD, since then she has been looking for more ways to help her son with his disability. She chose to work for Moms in Motion because she loves to serve others and enjoys being able to share what she has learned with the others. She knows how hard it can be to start a new journey with a disability and wants to be able to help others to understand the path she is still learning. Selene previously worked for the school district helping kids that struggled with learning encouraging them to do their best and believe in themselves, she also worked in the medical field as a Medical Assistant and continues going to school. She loves her family and she is very excited to start this new journey with Moms in Motion.

Stefanie Smith

Client Engagement Specialist

Stefanie was born and raised in Frederick County, VA and has decided to raise her family there as well. She has been married to her husband since 2011 and they are now a family of 6. They have 4 beautiful children - three boys and a girl who keeps them on their toes. When I am not at work you can usually find me at a ball field, basketball court, or gymnastics gym.

Stefanie has worked in healthcare for the majority of her working history. Volunteering and working with the community are some of her biggest passions. With her knowledge of healthcare, customer services, and passion for community service, working with Moms in Motion came as an easy decision.

Zinta Brannon

Client Engagement Specialist

Zinta was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She obtained her BSW at James Madison University and has always had a gift of empathy and service for others. Zinta has previous experience working with formerly homeless individuals dealing with mental health and substance abuse. Prior to that, she worked with individuals with disabilities and severe behaviors.

She has had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the variety of strengths and abilities each of these individuals possessed. Zinta is a firm believer that all individuals need to have access to services to be empowered and live their lives to the fullest.

Zinta currently resides in Texas and has been with Moms In Motion since May of 2022. Since being employed with Moms In Motion, she has moved twice, from Northern Virginia to Florida and then from Florida to her current home in Texas. Moms In Motion has provided her with immense flexibility which has been a tremendous blessing. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, rollerblading, and playing video games.

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