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Working Options for Parents with Disabled Children

For children with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, etc. it can be difficult for parents to find working options that suit that lifestyle and allows them the flexibility they need to be both a great parent and worker.

What are the best options for these parents? Here are some of our top suggestions.

Top Working Solutions for Parents with Children with Disabilities

Depending on your skillset, available times, and how much flexibility you need, there are different options to consider pursuing.

Working From Home

One great way to enter the workforce without completely uprooting your life is by looking for remote options at home. Using sites like Indeed can be a great way to search for online jobs of all different skill sets and levels.

Whether you want to work as a freelance writer, in customer service, with computers, etc. there are many great ways to earn money online.

An advantage of working at home is that it gives you a little more time for your life outside of the job. There is no commute, if your child is home sick you are there as well, and you don’t have to allow extra time in the morning for getting ready.

Depending on the job you choose, you may have some more flexibility as well. If you work as a freelancer, there are often ways to schedule your time more efficiently, leaving you more time with your child.

Another wonderful aspect of working from home is that you aren’t necessarily limited by your physical location. Remote jobs could come from anywhere in the world, and you can do them from the comfort of your own house.

A great work/life balance is exceptionally important, and working at home can make that much easier for you.

Working Directly with Your Child

For those of you with a background in education, special education, or even just wanting to be close to your child throughout the day, you could also consider working in the facility where they go to school, daycare, etc.

Working a job like this allows you to have the exact same schedule as your child, you are close to them if they need anything throughout the day, and you are more involved in what they are doing on a day by day basis.

If you don’t want to be in the school but still want to keep a similar schedule, you could even consider working as a bus driver for the local schools as well. Benefits of doing this include working part-time, receiving health insurance benefits, working with children, and training is typically fairly minor.

While this may not be a solution for every working parent, it can be a very viable option for those with the credentials to work as a teacher, teaching assistant, janitor, or even the ability to work in a front office at a school.

Working as an Independent Therapist

The last option on our list is to consider working as an independent therapist.

Being a parent of a child with a disability, you most likely know just how vitally important a great therapist is to your son or daughter.

There are, of course, many different options as far as working as a therapist is concerned. These include physical therapists, speech pathologists, intellectual disability/developmental disability specialists, occupational therapists, etc.

Benefits for this line of work including being able to control how many clients you have, choosing your hours, the additional training and experience will increase your skills with your own child, and you can help others in the same situation as you.

One big aspect to consider for becoming a therapist is that there is quite a lot of training involved. You will typically need to have at least a Master’s degree in the field you are going into, and there may be a lot of training on-the-job to consider as well. If you are already certified as a therapist, this may be a more viable option. Otherwise, you are looking at years and years of training.

Additional Resources for You and Your Special Needs Child

Looking for additional resources for you and your child with disabilities? Consider taking a look at what we have to offer here on Moms in Motion! Contact us today for questions, employment opportunities, and further assistance.

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