The 411 on Open Enrollment

open enrollment
Just like with any insurance plan, there is a period of open enrollment where those with a MCO can change which MCO they are enrolled with, once per year.

Open enrollment for Virginia Medicaid managed-care runs October 1 through December 18. Which means open enrollment is happening now! But don’t fret my pet! Here’s the 411 on all things open enrollment!

First and foremost, families should receive a letter detailing this process. If you have not received it yet keep a lookout as you should receive it soon.

What do families need to know?

  • Anytime you make a change in insurance, you will experience a disruption in services. Your file will be open to reconsideration after the continuity of care period is over. 
  • This is the only time during the year families can change MCOs. If you are not happy with services, this is the time to switch.
  • All MCOs offer certain coverage, but they each differ somewhat as well. Families should do their research and compare plans and benefits. 
  • Different providers accept different insurance. Make sure your providers accept the MCO your family is switching to before the move is made.
  • You may have to change Fiscal Agents. This depends on which MCO you had and which one you are switching to. If the fiscal agent changes you will need to complete all new paperwork. The attendant will likely experience an interruption to regular pay as the new paperwork is processed. 
  • You may have hours increased or reduced… it is up for a new authorization. 
  • The process for things like mileage reimbursement, etc., can differ. 
  • Your service facilitator cannot recommend any MCO over another.
  • Your service facilitator cannot promise that services will stay the same when you change.

Open Enrollment “to-do” list:

  1. Visit our website at www.momsinmotion.net to view plans and resources. 
  2. Let your service facilitator know as soon as you decide to switch MCO‘s. 
  3. Talk to your attendant to let them know there may be a delay in pay as things get switched over.

As always you can contact your service facilitator with any questions or concerns.

open enrollment
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