Virginia Medicaid Waivers
Medicaid Waivers

A Guide to Medicaid Waivers

For those of you with children that have developmental disabilities, or those of you who have them yourself, it’s extremely important to know what options you have in regards to Medicaid waivers, additional services and support. So, how can Medicaid waivers help you? What do they do for you? Here’s our full guide on how

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inclusive education
Inclusive Education

Why Inclusive Education is So Important

Everywhere, around the globe, you can see how any difference will set a child apart from their peers. Whether it’s language, disability, etc. it’s important to recognize these differences and find a way to bring them together for general inclusiveness, social, and learning purposes in an inclusive education environment. So, how does this happen? Let’s

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Respite Care: What’s the Scoop?

Sometimes, a person who has a disability or medical needs requires around the clock care. The caregiver will undoubtedly need to relax, rest, handle their own affairs, exercise, retail therapy and even go on vacation. If you are the primary, unpaid caregiver you may benefit from the use of respite care.

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