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Division 4: South West Virginia

Katrina Zepp : Division Manager
Katrina Zepp
Division Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4101 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Katrina is happily married to her husband, Michael. Together, they have five children and six grandchildren. Katrina's love for special needs children began when her third granddaughter was born prematurely. Her granddaughter began having seizures at the early age of eight months. Katrina has a medical background which has been helpful in providing support to her daughter and granddaughter during this time, which allowed Katrina to then become her granddaughter's attendant. Katrina's love for special needs individuals continues to grow.

Katrina currently serves as a volunteer for Special Families of the Roanoke Valley. She is also an active participant in the Me Too Ministry at Fincastle Baptist Church, which is a ministry that allows families to come to church and have a one-on-one volunteer for their special needs child, so that parents and/or siblings may freely participate in church services.

In her free time, Katrina likes to travel, walk, read, cook, and shop. She is terribly excited about joining the team of Moms In Motion, as she has witnessed the impact that it has had in the life of her very own granddaughter.

Kimberly Shaffer : Regional Manager
Kimberly Shaffer
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4131 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Kim lives in the Roanoke Valley with her husband, Chris. Family plays such a huge part of her life and it was when she began working with a child who had Autism that she realized her passion for helping others. She has held several positions throughout the human services field focusing on intellectual disabilities such as Mentor, Residential Coordinator, Home Finder, Trainer, Manager of Day Support, and In-Home Supportive Services.

Kim is so excited to join the Moms In Motion team in order to continue her passion for advocating and supporting individuals who have disabilities to have the best quality of life, as well as afford them opportunities they may not otherwise have.



Team Members

Jennifer Baker : Service Facilitator
Jennifer Baker
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4141 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Jennifer lives in Riner, VA with her husband and three children. They have two cats, Binx and Benjamin, who are both spoiled rotten. As a family, they enjoy playing games, going to movies, and playing music.

Jennifer grew up in Christiansburg and graduated from Radford University in 1994. Her employment history includes teaching public school, managing care for elderly residents with dementia, locating services/care for a caseload of foster care children at two local Departments of Social Services, teaching parenting classes, and promoting prevention of drug abuse in schools. Jennifer is very excited to work with families through Moms In Motion and help them meet their needs.

Patricia Beekman : Service Facilitator
Patricia Beekman
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4130 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Patricia joins the Moms In Motion team with much excitement, enthusiasm, and experience as a former special education teacher and administrator. Previously, she taught early childhood special education and high-risk infant development programs in the Tidewater area. She then directed an education program for severely and profoundly disabled children who resided in an Intermediate Care Facility. She is well versed in Medicaid regulations and is a strong advocate for the waiver funded programs that give families the choice and necessary resources to keep their family members in their homes within their communities.

Patricia and her husband Lee grew up in the Roanoke Valley and have been married for 26 years. They have 3 wonderful boys, 2 of whom have special needs. They have a large extended and supportive family as Patricia has 8 brothers and 8 sisters, for which the majority reside close by. Patricia and her family have received invaluable assets, advice, and direction from the Moms In Motion team, and she is eager to share her experience with other families in the area.

Shirley Blake : Service Facilitator
Shirley Blake
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4120 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Shirley retired from public education, but continues to contract part-time services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Since retirement, she feels fortunate to be able to try different positions in her chosen work for the deaf and hard of hearing, as a specialist in the education field and a Level III/Level II, Transliterator/Interpreter.

Shirley has spent over forty years of service in many special education areas. She has also facilitated several grass roots movements in the Southwest Virginia areas, from early training programs of the Disability Service Board, enabling her to facilitate and establish a Center for Independent Living, to working with the local Clubs for the Deaf to provide a written voice for needed services. Shirley has also worked with several programs involving day care centers mentoring and rating, as well as early intervention systems in Virginia.

Shirley looks forward to working with Moms In Motion to support rural communities in obtaining services and resources to strengthen, enable, and elevate families towards renewal and needed progress.

Tabatha Clement : Service Facilitator
Tabatha Clement
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4132 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Tabatha lives in beautiful Botetourt County with her handsome five year old son. She is currently attending Mary Baldwin University where she is working to obtain a Bachelor's in Social Work with an emphasis on the Geriatric/Hospice population. Tabatha has worked in the human service field for many years and has worked with foster care youth, adults, and children who had various disabilities. She also has an extensive background in mental health and the health care field.

Tabatha is so excited to start this journey with Moms In Motion. She looks forward to helping individuals and families obtain the services and resources they need to help them live a more fulfilling life.

Sarah Craddock : Senior Service Facilitator
Sarah Craddock
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4173 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Sarah Craddock was born in Orlando, Florida. Her family moved to Virginia when she was very young, so she still calls the beautiful, surrounding mountains her home. She is happily married to her husband of eight years and has two adorable children. Presently, she is a preschool teacher, and has been for the past seven years.

As a parent, Sarah quickly learned how to become an advocate when her son was born. Having a typically developing child, she knew something was off. She began to seek help from his doctor, but was quickly shut down. As most parents are, that didn’t stop Sarah! She began doing her own research into the world of disorders. It was then that she was introduced to a developmental doctor in the area, who diagnosed her son with autism and sensory processing disorder. They soon began therapy and have seen a huge difference since.

When Sarah is not spending time with her family, she enjoys being outside. She is so excited to work with Moms In Motion to be able to help supply other families with information and resources.

Erica East : Senior Service Facilitator
Erica East
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4125 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Erica is a wife and the mother of two beautiful daughters. She has been actively involved in the human services field and has a passion for the ID population through personal and professional experience. Erica is the sister of an older intellectually disabled brother and has had the privilege of growing up with him and living daily with the blessings and challenges that he has worked through in his life. She has advocated for and supported her parents with him as needed throughout the years and volunteered in areas he was involved in, such as the Challenger Softball League.

Erica’s passion for working with people needing support is why she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Liberty University in 2003, which subsequently led her to work in the human service field.

Erica is excited to work with Moms In Motion and have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those touched by disabilities.

Donna Hall : Senior Service Facilitator
Donna Hall
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4119 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Donna and her husband, Grayson, have been married for seventeen wonderful years and have one precious son who was diagnosed at the age of two with Autism and global developmental delays among other diagnoses. Donna has worked very hard to become an advocate for him and search for available resources.  She enjoys helping others by searching for resources that may be beneficial to them.

Donna is active in her local Autism support group, Piedmont Autism Action Parent Support Group, and with her son’s baseball team, the Franklin County Challengers. When not working or being involved with baseball activities, Donna enjoys spending time with family, reading, completing puzzles, and shopping.

Sharon Hayden : Senior Service Facilitator
Sharon Hayden
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4133 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Sharon lives in Carroll County and has been married for over thirty years. She has three kids and two wonderful grandchildren. Sharon is an 18-year special education veteran who has served students through the years with varying degrees of abilities. For the last eight years, she has primarily served individuals 9th grade through post-grad who have been diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, deaf and/or hard of hearing, and/or intellectual disability. Her team not only works on academics, but independent living such as self-help skills, as well as job readiness skills for individuals transitioning out of school.

Each summer, Sharon volunteers for a week at a summer camp for individuals with disabilities. She gets to spend 24 hours a day for four days at camp to help create a positive and safe atmosphere for all campers during Celebration Camp. She loves helping those in her community and looks forward to broadening her outreach through Moms In Motion.

Kristen Jones : Senior Service Facilitator
Kristen Jones
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4128 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Kristen is a graduate of Hollins University, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Child Psychology. Since graduation, she has been in many roles serving children and adults with various special needs.  Currently she serves as a member of the Parent Advisory Board for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and is an active member of the local Special Families support group.

While Kristen has always had a passion for working in the special needs community, that love became more personal when her daughter was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality.  In the past year, Kristen has learned a lot about coordinating care and advocating for her child.  She is so excited to be able to help others navigating this process.

Ann Orellana : Service Facilitator
Ann Orellana
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4135 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Ann has lived in Franklin County all her life. She realized early on that she wanted to help others and be involved in some form of social work so that she could help others. She began her journey by attending VWCC in Roanoke, VA and obtaining an Associate's degree in Education and Psychology. She then attended Ashford University for two years to obtain her BA in Psychology, followed by a Master's degree in Counseling from Capella University. It was during this time that she obtained a job working with children within the school system, helping them maintain their behavior on a daily basis.

Ann has been working in the mental health field since 2008, working with adults and children. In 2015, she began working for the state of Virginia in disability examination. She excelled in her new position, but always felt there was something missing. She decided to start a new journey and returned to mental health so that she could continue helping others. She looks forward to helping even more individuals and families within her community through Moms In Motion.

Mary “Lawson” Webb : Senior Service Facilitator
Mary “Lawson” Webb
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 4110 / Fax: (540) 751-4523

Mary "Lawson" Webb is the stepmother of a child with Autism. This experience has opened her eyes to the importance of advocating for those who can’t do so for themselves. Learning from trial and error is something Lawson is very familiar with, and she understands how frustrating some systems can be in the disability world.

Lawson is currently working on an Associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a special interest in the field of mental health. Advocacy is her passion and she enjoys helping others find resources that can help make the best of their situation. In her spare time, Lawson enjoys kayaking, gardening, and making any sort of craft.

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