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PPL & Aides

PPL is the Fiscal Agent for all of your Consumer-Directed Personal Care, Respite, and/or Companion Services.  It is Moms In Motions job as your Service Facilitator to:

  1. Get you set up with PPL. (Click here for PPL’s Interactive Portal. Click here for blank forms.)
  2. Train you on Time Sheets. (Blank Time Sheet) (Sample Guide)
    1. For personalized time sheets, follow the instructions below:
      1. Consumer / EOR / SF log on to the PPL Web Portal.
      2. For Consumer / EOR, click on “Consumer Forms” on the green header bar. For SFs, go to the “Print Forms” tab at the bottom of your Consumer’s profile.
      3. You will see the forms list to view/print.
      4. Select “Time Sheet” by clicking in the box.
      5. Hit “Print” at the bottom of the forms box or to the right (view/print).
      6. This will bring up one PDF document to view/print which will include time sheets for all attendants.
      7. The Consumer can print all or use the printer to select the individual page/attendant they would like to print.
      8. The time sheets can be re-used – they do not have to be printed out each pay period.
      9. Re-print these forms on a regular basis!! Fading headers on time sheets account for a high number of time sheets that cannot be read by the teleforms reader and therefore have to be entered manually.
  3. Train you on the rules of the program.  (Manual)

Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Useful Links/Info for Fiscal Issues:

  1. How to Complete an Employer Of Record (EOR) Packet:
    1. EOR Packet Instructions – English
    2. EOR Packet InstructionsSpanish
  2. Hiring Attendants:
    1.  PPL Pre-Populated Packets:
      1. Be prepared with your and your employee’s info,
      2. Submit the form to PPL via Hard Copy or Electronically, or call them to have them take the information over the phone: (877) 908-1752.
      3. PPL will mail or e-mail filled in forms to you for the aide’s and your signatures to be returned to PPL.
      4. YouTube Video – English
  3. Timesheets – PPL’s Electronic Time Sheet Portal & PPL’s Electronic Time Sheet Manual:
    1. Enrollee and Aides need to select:
      1. “Online User Registration“
      2. VA
      3. VA DMAS FI Program
      4. Identify your role (Consumer/Provider)
      5. Fill out remaining information (Zip codes may require additional four digits)
    2. Paper Time Sheets (Blank Time Sheet) (Sample Guide)
  4. Payroll Schedules:
    1. Find your County/City
    2. Schedule A (ROS) – Central VA & Tidewater
    3. Schedule B (NVA) – Northern VA, Piedmont & Southwest
  5. Misc:
    1. Change of Address
      1. For Aides
      2. For Consumers/Employers Of Record (You must let DSS know of this change.  PPL gets their information directly from DSS.)
    2. Discontinuation of Employment
    3. Payment Options for Attendants (Currently, aides must select direct deposit or a PPL Debit Card)
      1. Direct Deposit Form (Must send voided check with this document)
      2. PPL Debit Card Form
  6. Contacting PPL:
    1. Email address for PPL support – – PPL now offers email as an option for non-urgent support issues.  PPL will respond to email inquiries within 24 hours on business days.  If you are sending secure/sensitive information in the email such as your Medicaid ID or home address or social, please put the words “Secureemail” in the subject line.  This will automatically send the email to PPL securely.
    2. Phone number: (804) 200-4001

Finding Aides:

  1. Virginia’s Online Directory: Available for Consumer-Directed attendants. This allows you to search for attendants, as well as look for work as attendant.
  2. How to be a good attendant and a good employer:  Be a PCA!
  3. The Arc of Northern Virginia’s outstanding guide on Attendants: Consumer-Directed Attendant Guide.
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