primary caregiver

How to Combat Caregiver Burnout

With the extra stress we are all experiencing due to COVID-19 on top of the challenges associated with caring for a loved one with special needs, caregiver burnout is definitely a thing.

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Return to Learn: What to Expect

Return to Learn: What to Expect With school boards scrambling to make decisions about returning to learning at districts across the country, parents and education leaders alike fear that students have struggled with virtual learning and potentially fallen behind in their learning. There is normally, a “summer slide” to be expected each year. The “summer

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Summer fun for special needs kids
Developmental Disabilities

Summer Plans for Special Needs Children at Home

With the summer in full swing, you may be wondering what options your special needs child has for staying engaged. It can be challenging, but there are easy, affordable ways to stay home and stay entertained. Not sure where to get started? We have some suggestions. Fun Summer Plan Ideas for Special Needs Children Stuck

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special education

Special Education: A Guide

There’s a lot to learn about special education, from its humble beginnings and long history to the resources available to you. Here is our full guide to special education in the United States and the benefits that it offers to you and others who need it. The History of Special Education So, how did special

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Roles Involved in Virginia Medicaid Waivers

When it comes to Consumer Directed (CD) waiver services, there are a lot of different roles involved in waivers to consider. Having different roles built-in to waivers allows a person to have an easier time accessing as well as maintaining the services available to them. So what do all of the different roles mean? What

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early intervention
Developmental Disabilities

Early Intervention: A Guide

If you are interested in learning more about early intervention, either on a local or federal level, you have come to the right place. Early intervention is a vitally important service that is offered everywhere in the United States and it is crucial to know if you have a child with developmental disabilities or delays.

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Virginia Medicaid Waivers
Medicaid Waivers

A Guide to Medicaid Waivers

For those of you with children that have developmental disabilities, or those of you who have them yourself, it’s extremely important to know what options you have in regards to Medicaid waivers, additional services and support. So, how can Medicaid waivers help you? What do they do for you? Here’s our full guide on how

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Development Disabilities Awareness Month
Development Disabilities Awareness Month

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month and is also commonly referred to as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. What can you do this month to be a part of it? How did it originate and grow over the years? Here’s everything you need to know about Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. What is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month?

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inclusive education
Inclusive Education

Why Inclusive Education is So Important

Everywhere, around the globe, you can see how any difference will set a child apart from their peers. Whether it’s language, disability, etc. it’s important to recognize these differences and find a way to bring them together for general inclusiveness, social, and learning purposes in an inclusive education environment. So, how does this happen? Let’s

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month​

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in September.Thanks to contemporary medical therapies and excellent patient care, around 80% of children cancer cases can be effectively treated. Childhood cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in children, and the most common type of cancer in children is acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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August is Stevens – Johnson Syndrome Awareness Month

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Awareness Month is observed in August.  It is a rare yet severe reaction to a medication. SJS can be caused by almost any prescription, including over-the-counter medications. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, over 2 million Americans feel unwell and are hospitalized each year as a result of taking these

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32nd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

While many Americans have heard of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, few are aware of its significance.  Because of the ADA, people with disabilities can participate more fully in their communities, compete more effectively for jobs, travel more easily in their communities and throughout the country, and have more complete access to goods and

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Oral Cancer Awareness

The month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Every day, around 145 new cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed in the United States, and one person dies from oral cancer every hour of the day. When detected early in its development, oral malignancies can have a survival rate of 80 to 90%.  The following

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Rising Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is the world’s fourth most common neurological illness. Epilepsy is a neurological condition characterized by recurrent, spontaneous seizures. Abnormal electrical discharges in a group of brain cells cause seizures. Such discharges can occur in many areas of the brain. Causes of Epilepsy Even though various underlying disease mechanisms can cause epilepsy, the condition’s origin

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