Ability Unlimited changing people's lives

Life Changing Experience with Ability Unlimited

Ability Unlimited changed our son’s life. Our son, Giovanni, is a non-verbal 4 year old who has Trisomy-21, Down syndrome. Giovanni applied for the assistive technology device for his communication needs through the Medicaid waiver.

Ability Unlimited was instrumental in helping our family with our needs and helping us apply. Because of their help, Giovanni was approved for the device and, since receiving it, has increased his communication by over 75%. Giovanni went from zero communication to now being able to sign over 75 words, while being able to piece 3 word signs together to express his needs!

Applying was easy. Ability Unlimited was extremely helpful and responsive as they guided our family through the process. Their expertise made our journey simple and stress free. Their customer service is top notch, and through their knowledge and tutelage, our family received a brand new Apple iPad in the mail with multiple $200 applications pre-loaded for my son to help him communicate. I could not be more thankful for the help and guidance we received from Ability Unlimited – they changed my son’s life.

Antonio Mauro

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