Position title
Service Facilitator/Waiver Service Coordinator - Spanish-Speaking

The Service Facilitator/Waiver Service Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the services provided to individuals on the CCC+, CL & FIS waivers to ensure their safety, satisfaction, health and welfare while living independently with supports in the community.

  • Requires documented combination of skills/relevant work experience. Person-Centered Thinking/Planning training a plus.
  • Have good interviewing techniques, be able to work independently, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Requires one of the following: Associate’s Degree in a human services field, or both a Bachelor’s in a human services field and two years relevant work experience, or both a Bachelor’s in a non-human services field and three years relevant work experience.
  • Submit to criminal background check.
  • Two references are required.

Quality of Service Recommendations

  • Accurately identifies the services with the established services system that best meet the individual’s needs.
  • Displays effective interviewing techniques to correctly understand and assess an individual’s needs and the services planning process.
  • Understands and respects the individuals’ rights to make decisions about, direct the provisions of, and control his/her services.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Consistently arrives to all appointments within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Runs “Visits To Do” report weekly and schedules face-to-face client visits within +/- 5 business days of their target date. Attempts to schedule next visit at the current visit, but no later than by the 5th of each month.
  • Limits short-notice absences to rare occasions and requests time off at least two weeks prior to taking time off.
  • Understands the different visit types and frequency. Appropriately enters current visit type and target visit type and date.

Client Service

  • Researches and trouble-shoots service authorization challenges, time sheet issues, aide status, EOR status, eligibility and PPL challenges.
  • Writes justifications when an increase in Personal Care hours is needed.
  • Maintains strong client relationships, remains objective and demonstrates positive regard for individuals/families.
  • Demonstrates patience and respect when handling difficult situations.

Service Documentation

  • Does live visit electronically whenever possible. When live visits are not possible due to connection challenges, downloads DMAS-99 to device prior to visit and uploads into WISE within 1 day of visit.
  • When electronic visit is not possible (rare), uploads DMAS-99 within 1 day of a client visit and correctly documents any changes on the DMAS-99, including initials/dates when changes are made. Electronically enters these changes into WISE.
  • Enters action-oriented notes in client profiles at least weekly when visits are out of compliance with anniversary date.
  • Enters referrals within 2 days of receiving them that include complete contact information and details of the referral source.
  • Understands and updates appropriately all sections of the SF assessment in WISE and on the DMAS-99.
  • Understands the role of and where these roles can/cannot overlap of the Backup Plan person, the EOR, the primary paid or unpaid caregiver, the person directing the care and the aides.
  • Understands what Management Training is and appropriately documents it when conducted.
  • Completes CL section of assessment fully and appropriately when applicable. Correctly updates Outcomes, Part V, DMAS-7A (when applicable), Justification (MNN), and Schedule.
  • Understands and completes when necessary DMAS-100 (Supervision) form.
  • For EPSDT clients, gather DMAS-7 from doctor or family in a timely manner and create/update a DMAS-7A.

Service Knowledge

  • Displays detailed knowledge of all CD-PAS waiver services (PCA, Respite, Companion/Supervision, PERS, Assistive Technology (AT), Durable Medical Equipment (DME), and Environmental Modifications (EM)) and can identify what is available to each client served.
  • Understands the rules and regulations, application process, eligibility criteria, appeal process, rights, and procedures, transfer process, and services available under CCC Plus Waiver, Community Living Waiver (CL), and Family & Individual Supports Waiver (FIS) Consumer-Directed services.
  • Understands roles and responsibilities of all of the entities involved in administering Virginia Medicaid Waivers – Moms In Motion/SFs, Agencies, PPL, KePRO, DBHDS, DMAS, CSBs, DSSs, DOHs, and MCOs.
  • Understands the role of a Service Facilitator.
  • Gives sound information about other available resources including who the experts are in those areas and how to contact them (and then leaves the work of pursuing those resources to the individual/family). Including, but not limited to HIPP, EPSDT, IFSP, Travel Reimbursement, IEPs, DME, AT & EM.
  • Displays detailed knowledge of all things PPL: how to complete time sheets (paper and electronic); how to hire an attendant (from on-line enrollment to checking attendant status on PPL portal); what the role of the EOR is and who can be the EOR; what the role of the attendant is and who can/cannot be the attendant; what a copay is; how to troubleshoot PPL related problems and train client to do so as well.
  • Understands and communicates the role of Prior Authorization of services ensuring that the client/EOR understands that no attendant should be working without prior authorization of hours.
Employment Type
Part Time/Full Time
Job Location
Working Hours
Base Salary
$ 32,000 - $ 45,000
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Position: Service Facilitator/Waiver Service Coordinator - Spanish-Speaking

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