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Moms In Motion’s 10 Culture Points:

1. Compassion: We are compassionate w/our families because we’ve been in their shoes. We understand that just by being in the disability world, everything is harder, including; getting services, getting good information, and understanding policies and processes.

2. Improve Family Quality of Life: Our job is limited in scope, but our mission is not. Our mission is to improve the family’s quality of life to the best of our abilities. We do this by sharing resources and informing and encouraging families to access those resources.

3. Customer-Focused: We treat our clients as we would want to be treated by our own facilitators. Moms looks at every single family’s unique needs and derives solutions specific to the needs of each family such that the quality of life is improved.  It’s more than just training and paperwork. We are waiver services solution managers aimed at giving families opportunities to succeed and be happy and healthy in life.

4. Integrity: The services we facilitate are so important to our families. We have to be completely honest and forthright, whether or not our information will be well received. We take ownership for our occasional mistakes, no one is perfect.

5. Fully-Empowered & Evolving Team Members: Each Moms In Motion team member determines their own success. As we continue to grow, we continue to add tools to assist our team members to be effective and efficient. The team member has to be willing to be learning all the time and to utilize tools created to reduce errors and increase effectiveness.

6. Communication: Communication is key. Communication among team members and with families must be frequent, concise and respectful.

7. Efficient: Moms In Motion must complete all paperwork in a timely manner, answer/return calls promptly, and handle issues as they come up with care that brings about results. We must learn from new situations and share that knowledge so others do not have to learn the long way. Organization is a key component to being an efficient service facilitator.

8. Self-Management: We all work very independently at Moms. Team members need to be masters of self-management to be successful. The better you manage yourself, the more successful you will be. Self management includes balancing work (Moms In Motion’s clients’ needs), family, and taking care of oneself. Again, organization is essential to good self management.

9. Respect: At Moms In Motion, we treat each and every person, team members and clients alike, with the utmost respect. We work hard to help solve issues in a respectful and courteous manner.

10. Talents: We celebrate the extraordinary talents of our team members. Moms is grateful that our team members have chosen to share their talents with us to make Moms the best providers out there. We embrace the many talents and abilities of our clients, families, and their caregivers by empowering them to resolve issues for themselves whenever possible.


Our Vision:

To provide superior Person Centered Service Facilitation for Medicaid CD-PAS and FIS Waiver enrollees throughout the state of Virginia.  Learning from a multitude of resources including our clients and sharing what we learn with others.


Our Mission:

Moms In Motion (Moms) is a Service Facilitation provider for Medicaid CD-PAS (EDCD CCC+, CL & FIS Waivers, EPSDT program) enrollees. Our mission is to enhance the outcome for all of our clients and their families, by using person-centered practices while providing superior service, sharing resources, continually expanding our knowledge, and networking. Our primary areas of growth will be advocating in the school systems for our younger clients, assisting young adults with transitioning to independence, and helping our aging clients to be cared for by the people who love them.