Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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Electronic Visit Verification systems are technology-based systems that electronically record when attendants begin and end providing waiver services to people who have one of Virginia’s Medicaid waivers. These systems require a smart phone, landline, tablet, or other cellular device to track an attendant’s start and end times. EVV is required for Personal Care, Companion, and Respite services.

EVV systems in Virginia report six data elements:

  • Type of service(s) performed
  • Person receiving the service(s)
  • Date of the service
  • Location of the service delivery (can either be in a person’s home or community setting)
  • Person providing the service
  • Time the service begins and ends

There are several benefits to adopting an EVV system:

  • Promote quality outcomes for people (Quality of Care)
  • Greater opportunity for enhanced care coordination and data sharing.
  • Reduce billing errors and improve payment accuracy (Program Integrity)
  • Electronically verifies that a caregiver is physically present for a visit.
  • Promote oversight of the services provided
  • Comply with federal and state requirements.

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