Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN)

CDCN is the Fiscal Agent (F/EA) for the following entities for those on a CCC Plus Waiver

  • DMAS FFS (DD Waivers, EPSDT, HIPP)
  • Virginia Premier

Role of the Fiscal Agent

The Fiscal Employer Agent performs payroll activities on behalf of the EOR. This allows the individual to use waiver funds to hire and pay attendants. The above mentioned entities contract with CDCN to ensure that payment to the attendant is accurate based on approved service authorizations and timesheets that have been approved by the EOR. The Fiscal Employer Agent keeps payment records and follows all tax rules on the EOR’s behalf. The EOR employs the attendant(s).

Useful Links for CDCN

Contacting CDCN


  • General: (888) 444-8182
  • EVV IVR (English): (855) 967-0581
  • EVV IVR (Spanish): (855) 967-0582