It’s Now or Never, Choose Now!

Our advocacy has gotten us this far. It's now or never, choose now!
It’s Now or Never!
Go to the Town Square and Scream!
[E-mail the Key Players]
The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease.
Be Squeaky!
[Post of Facebook, Insta and Twitter & Tag General Assembly Members]
Shout from the Roof Tops!
[Call the Key Players]
(Designed in collaboration with the Arc of VA) 


Email them directly in one group and copy The Arc of VA.
Because these key Legislators are very familiar with our request, we want the messaging to be short and simple. They know what we want…this outreach is about letting them know HOW MANY PEOPLE….VOTERS….CARE ABOUT THE DD COMMUNITY. So that means volume is what counts. So after you email, get 5 of your friends, family or neighbors to email too!  
Simply Copy & Paste the message below. Feel free to add your own personal message as well, or just send as is. Remember this campaign is about VOLUME.
“Don’t Forget About Us : Fulfill the Commonwealth’s Promise of a Robust Community Based System for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • FUND Viable Rate Increases for DD Waiver Services
  • INVEST in Innovation
  • FUND 1200 DD Waiver Slots in FY 24
  • SUPPORT Parents as Paid Caregivers”
– Send as one email to all members at once, and COPY The Arc (we need to be able to track response for discussion with legislators!)
– Subject Line: “Fund the DD System Rescue Plan”
– Address to “Dear/To/Attention Budget Conferees”
– Sign with your name and address 
SEND TO: (should easily select all to cut & paste)


Flood Social Media
  • Post a photo (sample above, OR better yet, a photo of you and your family)
  • Type a short phrase like:
  • “Fund DD Services & Innovation”
  • “Fulfill the Commonwealth’s Promise for a Robust Community Based DD System”
  • “Virginia Ranks 6th highest per capita income yet Ranks 39th for serving people with disabilities – Fix This!”  
  • TAG Budget Conferees – To TAG someone on Twitter and Facebook, use the list below. You can’t cut and paste, you will have to type in as listed below (first 6 are most important contacts to make) 
Others you can tag:

ACTION 3: Call Your Legislators

Share Your Story, Your Need
For Instance, I spoke with a caregiver who told me:
“My twenty-something year old brother is doing ok. We get him out into the community as much as we can. But he’s bored and really misses his day support program. He hasn’t been able to go since COVID began because they cannot staff the program.”
– That’s powerful. That’s the true impact this voting will have, rescuing the DD program or leaving it in ruins.
This is the opportunity to ask Delegates and Senators to support amendments to the State Budget to Rescue the DD System to:
  • Provide Rate increases for Waiver Services across the entire system (enables providers to provide the services families are supposed to be able to access)
  • Permanently allow for parents of minor children on waivers to be their attendants.
  • Permanently allow telehealth as an option for services including Service Facilitation!

As always, we are here to support you and your family and will continue to provide information as changes occur and as information is announced throughout this emergency.

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