Southwest Division

Jenny Baker

Division Manager

Jenny lives in Riner, VA with her husband and three children. They have two cats, Binx and Benjamin, who are both spoiled rotten. As a family, they enjoy playing games, going to movies, and playing music.

Jenny grew up in Christiansburg and graduated from Radford University in 1994. Her employment history includes teaching public school, managing care for elderly residents with dementia, locating services/care for a caseload of foster care children at two local Departments of Social Services, teaching parenting classes, and promoting prevention of drug abuse in schools. Jennifer is very excited to work with families through Moms In Motion and help them meet their needs.

Amanda Beasley

Service Facilitator

Amanda is a native of Martinsville, VA but has been a resident of Franklin County for most of her life. She holds a B.A. in History from Mary Baldwin College. The majority of her work experience has been in banking and real estate with a short stint in higher education admission at Virginia Tech and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Amanda has three children, two of which have Autism. Her introduction to the world of disability rights and services began with advocating for their needs in school to ensure appropriate special education services. She is excited to start this new journey and help other families affected by disabilities find the resources they need.

Beatrice Martino

Service Facilitator

Beatrice earned her Master’s in Adult Education and has completed graduate courses in public health administration. She has previously worked closely with students facing challenges of various disabilities in the career college setting. Beatrice has two adult children, one who is home and happily employed in a full-time job locally. After working on several research projects related to community services, Beatrice now has the opportunity to work in the trenches, so to speak, helping adults and parents navigate the process of receiving services.

Beatrice is familiar with the challenges of raising a child with special needs. She faced many challenges to obtain the right services for her son who has Autism. He is now successfully employed. It was a long, arduous process and Beatrice looks forward to helping other parents provide the same opportunities for their children. She feels that her personal knowledge and experience allows her to share so many insights for Moms In Motion clients.

Charlene Tucker

Senior Service Facilitator

Charlene is a mother of two and has worked with adult individuals with intellectual disabilities for many years. She has an Associate's in Applied Science, as well as a Bachelor's of Science in Human Service. She was led to Moms In Motion to advance her career and utilize the skills obtained during her college education. In her spare time, Charlene enjoys arts, crafts, and DIY projects.

Chelsea Carter

Service Facilitator

Chelsea is from Wytheville, Virginia, where she has lived most of her life. She went to George Mason University to obtain a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, then continued her education at Radford University where she obtained a Master's of Science in Education, specifically on the Elementary level. She has worked with children for many years and has loved every moment of it. Apart from education, Chelsea enjoys art, mainly abstract painting, as well as exercise and time with her family. She does not have any children, but is a “dog mom” to Bruce, a St. Bernard, and Rogue, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.

Chris Barber

Senior Service Facilitator

Chris hails from the West Coast, but came to Virginia for school where he remained with his family. He has a Bachelor’s of Psychology and Master’s of Divinity, as well as four children - two boys and two girls.

Chris and his wife have fostered teens for the last 10 years. He's thankful for the services of Moms In Motion as his oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy and has benefited from consumer-directed services for many years. Chris hopes to help other families in the same manner his family has been helped through the services of Moms In Motion.

Tyonna G.

Senior Service Facilitator

Tyonna began her journey in the world of disabilities when she met a family that was fostering a little boy with cerebral palsy. She eventually became the boy's attendant where she learned just how important Medicaid waivers were to individuals and families. Tyonna has also worked in DSS and has seen how much the waivers and available programs have helped families who otherwise would not be able to function. She looks forward to being able to help even more people in her community through Moms In Motion.

Hope Bennett

Service Facilitator

Hope earned her Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University. For the past three years, Hope has worked as a therapeutic day treatment counselor for the school system. She's enjoyed witnessing the transformation of positive behaviors in each child and strives to improve the quality of life to every individual she is honored to serve. In her spare time, Hope likes to cook, shop, and read.

Jenny Estes

Senior Service Facilitator

Jenny lives in the Roanoke area with her two amazing children. She has a heart for service to others and a passion for advocacy for those who need a voice. Jenny earned a Master's in Counseling from the University of Memphis and has worked with children and families as a preschool teacher at a local non-profit serving ELL families and as a school counselor in public schools.

When Jenny's oldest child was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, her heart and passion grew to include the special needs community. She was introduced to Moms In Motion through the local special families and Autism groups. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys game nights, crocheting, and traveling. She also loves to volunteer at her church and at her children's school.

Kathryn Barber

Senior Service Facilitator

Kathryn is a mom of four biological children and foster mom to over a dozen teens. She enjoys time outdoors, especially in her garden. Kathryn has three degrees in Education. She's spent three years teaching middle school and two teaching at Liberty University. Kathryn also has experience as a mom of child with special needs, as her oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy. Together, they have overcome many hurdles. Her favorite slogan is that "special needs are just redirected special abilities."

Kristen Jones

Senior Service Facilitator

Kristen is a graduate of Hollins University, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Child Psychology. Since graduation, she has been in many roles serving children and adults with various special needs. Currently she serves as a member of the Parent Advisory Board for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and is an active member of the local Special Families support group.

While Kristen has always had a passion for working in the special needs community, that love became more personal when her daughter was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality. In the past year, Kristen has learned a lot about coordinating care and advocating for her child. She is so excited to be able to help others navigating this process.

Kristin Feldman

Service Facilitator

Kristin is a Franklin County native, but now resides in Roanoke City with her husband, Scott, daughter, Mila, and Aussie/Collie, Alex. Together, they enjoy spending time together hiking, traveling, and playing games.

Kristin graduated from Roanoke College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and later, in 2018, received a Master of Science in Strategic Communication from Purdue University. Kristin comes to Moms In Motion after nearly a decade working in the insurance industry. She chose to change career paths because of her desire to use her education, as well as the industry experience she had gained, to work for families in the Roanoke Valley. She is excited to take part in the Moms In Motion mission to meet local families' needs.

Laura Miller

Senior Service Facilitator

Laura lives in Forest, VA with her husband and their four children. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and worked as a chemist, before leaving the workforce to be a stay at home mom. During college, Laura worked weekends and summers with Centra Health as an Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a volunteer for 14 years with the rescue squad.

In 2013, Laura was introduced to the world of special medical needs children when her youngest child was diagnosed with a brain malformation and a severe form of epilepsy at 11 months old. She quickly learned how important support and advocating was in the overall outcome for her daughter and other children like her. Moms In Motion provided an invaluable service to Laura and her family when they needed it, and she wants to help make sure other families get the same kind of support.

Lauren Johnson

Senior Service Facilitator

Lauren has an amazing husband and five children. She and her family take part with foster care and often have more kids to help other foster homes. Her daughter, Ali, has Autism and requires caregivers daily. Lauren went back to school after Ali’s diagnosis and became a special education teacher for adapted classrooms. Lauren has a huge heart for individuals with disabilities. Her goal is to build relationships to allow each and every person with a disability to continue their lives as responsible community members.

In her free time, Lauren loves to read and play with electronics. She loves using technology and has worked a lot with communication devices for individuals with disabilities. Lauren is also a pet lover and has two dogs and two cats.

Markita Hairston

Service Facilitator

Markita lives in Ringgold, VA with her husband and daughter. She has worked with developmental disabilities for ten years in many positions from direct support to managerial. Markita loves what she does and she loves advocating for the individuals whom she serves and supports.

Markita graduated with her Bachelor's in Public Health in 2006. More recently, she received her Master's of Public Health in Health Promotion in May 2018.

Mary “Lawson” Webb

Senior Service Facilitator

Mary "Lawson" is the stepmother of a child with Autism. This experience has opened her eyes to the importance of advocating for those who can’t do so for themselves. Learning from trial and error is something Lawson is very familiar with, and she understands how frustrating some systems can be in the disability world.

Lawson is currently working on an Associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a special interest in the field of mental health. Advocacy is her passion and she enjoys helping others find resources that can help make the best of their situation. In her spare time, Lawson enjoys kayaking, gardening, and making any sort of craft.

Morgan Neel

Senior Service Facilitator

Morgan lives in Riner, Virginia with her three boys and her dog. In her free time, she enjoys watching/playing sports with her children, traveling to new places, and spending time with family.

Morgan has a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration and a Medical Billing and Coding Certification from Kaplan University. Her past employment experiences include being a Health Coach for United Healthcare through the Local Office on Aging in Roanoke, VA and a Personal Care Attendant for a woman living with quadriplegia. Morgan is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist through the Roanoke Home Builders Association. She has been on the Board of Directors for the Ms. Wheelchair Virginia Program for many years and has become inspired to focus her educational and career goals toward a path that gives her a sense of purpose and joy while helping others. Morgan is excited to begin this new adventure with Moms In Motion.

Robert Cowdrey

Service Facilitator

Robert lives in Patrick County, VA with his wife. He has a background in industry and holds multiple degrees.

Robert is active in volunteer activities in his community. He loves to work with people and enjoys helping others as he gives his time and energy to the community.

Sarah Craddock

Senior Service Facilitator

Sarah was born in Orlando, Florida. Her family moved to Virginia when she was very young, so she still calls the beautiful, surrounding mountains her home. She is happily married to her husband of eight years and has two adorable children. Presently, she is a preschool teacher, and has been for the past seven years.

As a parent, Sarah quickly learned how to become an advocate when her son was born. Having a typically developing child, she knew something was off. She began to seek help from his doctor, but was quickly shut down. As most parents are, that didn’t stop Sarah! She began doing her own research into the world of disorders. It was then that she was introduced to a developmental doctor in the area, who diagnosed her son with autism and sensory processing disorder. They soon began therapy and have seen a huge difference since.

When Sarah is not spending time with her family, she enjoys being outside. She is so excited to work with Moms In Motion to be able to help supply other families with information and resources.

Shana Criner

Service Facilitator

Shana is a single mom of two adult children, Dustin and Caitlin. She graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC in 1993 with a BS in Business Administration. Over the years since graduating, Shana has worked progressively in business and management with a career as a business consultant that gave her the flexibility that she needed to raise her kids. Once her kids left the house, Shana stepped out of her box and became a flight attendant so that she could travel to see family and explore the world.

Over the past several years, Shana and her daughter, Caitlin, struggled to overcome obstacles related to Caitlin’s health and treatment, and it was through these struggles that she was able to help herself, and others with similar situations, to overcome obstacles and receive all of the treatments that they needed for their impacted family members. Since that time, Shana wanted to move into a career helping folks in her community and is super excited to have found Moms In Motion. In her free time, she loves to cook, is an avid exercise junkie, and spends as much time as she can traveling with her daughter to explore the world.

Tabitha Ramey

Service Facilitator

Tabitha is the mother of three and a wife. She completed her undergrad degree at Norfolk State University and her Master’s at Radford University. She is a special education teacher in a rural part of Virginia. Tabitha came across Moms In Motion, scrolling through Indeed. She read the mission statement and thought she could work for the company. With three children, all who participate in extracurricular activities, Moms in Motion seemed like the perfect fit to allow Tabitha to have a job she feels passionately about, while managing the stresses of daily life.

Tina Browning

Service Facilitator

Tina lives in the small town of Wise, Virginia. She has two beautiful children, Alexandria and Jacob. Tina graduated with her Bachelor’s in Human Services from Lindsey Wilson College in 2010. She would like to further her education by working on her Master’s in Counseling. In the past, she worked at Kid’s Central Inc., a local head start program, for almost twelve years as an early head start home visitor. Through this position, she had the opportunity to work with families of children with special needs. Tina is excited about beginning a new adventure with Moms In Motion.

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