Southwest Division

Tyonna G.

Division Manager

Tyonna began her journey in the world of disabilities when she met a family that was fostering a little boy with cerebral palsy. She eventually became the boy's attendant where she learned just how important Medicaid waivers were to individuals and families. Tyonna has also worked in DSS and has seen how much the waivers and available programs have helped families who otherwise would not be able to function. She looks forward to being able to help even more people in her community through Moms In Motion.

Amanda W.

Senior Service Facilitator
Amanda is mother of three, and resides in the Henry County jurisdiction. She is a new graduate with her Associate’s in Health and Human Services where she was a member of the National Honor Society and Alpha Beta Kappa. She wanted to show her children that no matter your age or where you are in life you can still chase your dreams and follow the path of education. Amanda was drawn to the career path with Mom’s In Motion as it allowed to help those who needed help and found that it was her calling as well. She is eager to be a part of Moms In Motion and knows that she can make a difference one patient at a time. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her kids by doing family crafts, family games, and spontaneous family outings. Family is a big part of Amanda and in fact, family is what has encouraged her to take the path of helping those with disabilities. Amanda is focused on how she can help others and ensures that they are treated with the respect that they deserve.

Charlene T.

Senior Service Facilitator

Charlene is a mother of two and has worked with adult individuals with intellectual disabilities for many years. She has an Associate's in Applied Science, as well as a Bachelor's of Science in Human Service. She was led to Moms In Motion to advance her career and utilize the skills obtained during her college education. In her spare time, Charlene enjoys arts, crafts, and DIY projects.

Dara S.

Service Facilitator
Dara has a Master’s Degree in Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University and is currently working toward her Clinical Master’s in Counseling to earn her LPC. She has been working with children and adults with special needs in various settings since 2002. Dara thoroughly enjoys helping people and has vast compassion for others. She has three biological children and has provided foster care for a number of children throughout the years, three of which resulted in adoption. Dara enjoys living in Floyd County on her farm with a wide variety of chickens and peafowl. Although her children don’t enjoy the great lessons being taught on the farm, Dara strives to instill work ethic, passion, and compassion to her children by living a life worth following. Her goal is to help others and change this world, one life at a time.

Hope B.

Service Facilitator

Hope earned her Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University. For the past three years, Hope has worked as a therapeutic day treatment counselor for the school system. She's enjoyed witnessing the transformation of positive behaviors in each child and strives to improve the quality of life to every individual she is honored to serve. In her spare time, Hope likes to cook, shop, and read.

Kathryn B.

Senior Service Facilitator

Kathryn is a mom of four biological children and foster mom to over a dozen teens. She enjoys time outdoors, especially in her garden. Kathryn has three degrees in Education. She's spent three years teaching middle school and two teaching at Liberty University. Kathryn also has experience as a mom of child with special needs, as her oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy. Together, they have overcome many hurdles. Her favorite slogan is that "special needs are just redirected special abilities."

Kristen J.

Senior Service Facilitator

Kristen is a graduate of Hollins University, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Child Psychology. Since graduation, she has been in many roles serving children and adults with various special needs. Currently she serves as a member of the Parent Advisory Board for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and is an active member of the local Special Families support group.

While Kristen has always had a passion for working in the special needs community, that love became more personal when her daughter was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality. In the past year, Kristen has learned a lot about coordinating care and advocating for her child. She is so excited to be able to help others navigating this process.

Lindsey A.

Service Facilitator
From the Richmond-Metro area to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains; from the salty Tidewater shores to the rolling hills of the Piedmont; Lindsey has lived in just about every region of the Commonwealth. Most days you will find her enjoying a leisurely walk around the small town of Charlotte Court House or riding her bike along the High Bridge Trail in Southside in-between taxiing her three children to and from their respective activities. Lindsey holds a B.A. in healthcare administration from Mary Baldwin University and has served as an Assistant Director of Admissions as well as a Social Services Coordinator for a large healthcare organization. While her professional endeavors have offered many distinctive, edifying experiences, Lindsey’s most important role has been as a mother. With one child having been diagnosed with Autism at a very young age, Lindsey was eager to learn the ins-and-outs of Early Intervention, specialized services, and other developmentally supportive benefits that aided in raising a specially-abled child. With a belief that accessible, sustainable support can encourage and empower coupled with a passion for social equity, Lindsey desires to “be good and do good” in every facet of her personal and professional life.

Rachel G.

Service Facilitator
Rachel holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Old Dominion University and moved to Roanoke from Richmond, VA in 2012. While she has always been involved in diversity and inclusion activities and awareness, her passion for advocacy flourished when she received a prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome with her second child. Her oldest child has recently received a diagnosis of Autism. Moms In Motion has been vital in helping her family navigate waivers and services and has continued to provide key assistance. In her free time, Rachel enjoys board games, audiobooks, podcasts, and watching cartoons with her two kids.

Rita B.

Service Facilitator
Rita was born and raised in far Southwest Virginia on a 500 acre farm, and currently lives in Blue Ridge, Virginia. Rita received an AAS in Mental Health Technology with a focus on Gerontology in 1984. She also received a BS in Psychology from Patten University, and Criminology from John F Kennedy University finishing in 2020. Rita is the mother of one son, and two wonderful grandchildren and an awesome daughter-in-law who are the lights of her life. Throughout Rita’s career she has continued to widen her horizons by working in different areas of the Mental Health field. She has worked with Adolescents who were in State institutions, helped start and staff two different Women’s Shelters, and worked with physically and developmentally challenged institutional settings. She also worked with those suffering from Mental Disease doing skill building in order for them to stay in their homes and find solutions that helped them live a more normal life while battling their illnesses. She is an advocate for everyone who needs help and support in dealing with issues that challenges them and make it hard for them to thrive. In her down time she does a wide variety of art projects that she takes with her in the field to help teach others ways of reducing stress and helping increasing their self-esteem. She had also traveled extensively throughout the entire United States and several Countries enjoying many different cultures.

Tina B.

Senior Service Facilitator

Tina lives in the small town of Wise, Virginia. She has two beautiful children, Alexandria and Jacob. Tina graduated with her Bachelor’s in Human Services from Lindsey Wilson College in 2010. She would like to further her education by working on her Master’s in Counseling. In the past, she worked at Kid’s Central Inc., a local head start program, for almost twelve years as an early head start home visitor. Through this position, she had the opportunity to work with families of children with special needs. Tina is excited about beginning a new adventure with Moms In Motion.

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