Heather L.

Recruiting Specialist
The path that led Heather to Moms in Motion was a windy one. Her first position in HR was for a human services organization in Pennsylvania. She loved working for a company that advocated for people, from infants to elderly individuals, with disabilities. After leaving there, Heather went on to become a nurse and continue her love for helping people. As time went on, she went back to recruiting. Heather and her husband have 4 grown children (3 boys and a girl) and 4 grandchildren (3 boys and a girl). They decided that she would look for a position with some flexibility and a few less hours, so they could spend more time with their family. When she read the ad for Moms in Motion Heather went to the website to learn more about the organization. After reading the mission and vision she knew this was the place for her! ACES (culture points) all the way!

Jerra J.

Recruiting Assistant

Jerra’s career in recruiting began at an industrial cleaning company in West Michigan. She eventually left this role to raise her family. During this time, she worked in retail and office management which allowed her to support her family and travel with them as needed. Jerra relocated to the Wilmington area in coastal North Carolina where she has been for the past several years. She is excited to put the skills from her previous roles to good use helping others at Moms In Motion!

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