Amanda W

Recruiting Specialist

Amanda is a mother of three, and currently resides in Franklin County, Virginia. Amanda graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Health and Human Services where she also was a member of the National Honor Society along with a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa. Amanda decided to go to college later in life, however, she wanted to show her kids that no matter your age you can always conquer what you set out to accomplish especially when it comes to your education. When Amanda lost her younger brother, she knew that all she wanted to do was help others in his honor and make a difference one step at a time. Since Amanda has been employed with Mom’s in Motion, she has always found her purpose and she has enjoyed being with a company that not only encourages growth but a company that also appreciates you. Amanda has enjoyed being able to help others while being with a company that is continuously making a difference.

In Amanda’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children along with her close-knit family. Amanda typically spends her time when she isn’t working as a vendor at a local craft show with her mother and youngest daughter, cheering on the sidelines for her oldest daughter’s soccer game, or being a nervous momma at her son’s dirt bike race. Family is extremely important to Amanda and family is what brought her into the field she is in today.

Jayda L.

Recruiting Specialist
Jayda is married with one biological daughter, one stepson, and a stepdaughter who has autism. She has a crazy German Shepherd and loves spending summers on the lake! Jayda is from a small town in North Carolina and was raised by a single mom. Growing up she never knew the challenges her mother faced financially until she was old enough to start paying attention to the small details of life. After seeing her mother struggle, and now navigating the difficulties of care for her stepdaughter, she realized there are so many other families out there who also need help and she wants to be their liaison to try and reduce their stress.

Kristen S.

Recruiting Assistant
Kristen was born and raised in Southwest Virginia where she and her husband continue to live and raise their two beautiful children. Kristen's daughter has delt with several medical issues which has given her a wealth of knowledge and understanding for other parents and children facing medical issues of their own. Kristen likes to spend her spare time with her family, camping, and helping her husband tend to their horses. She is excited to work with Moms In Motion and to bring another caring heart to the table.
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