Operations Team

Heather W.

Field Team Operations Manager - West

Heather lives in Waynesboro with her husband and three children. She has a Bachelor’s from James Madison in Health Science. Her oldest daughter was born with agenesis of the corpus callosum and cerebral palsy which has led to numerous disabilities. Ever since her daughter's diagnosis, Heather has become passionate about children with special needs. She has learned so incredibly much from her daughter through the years. It is because of her that she decided to leave her full-time job to become a stay at home daycare provider, which she has done for many years. In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family, as well as reading, knitting, cooking, and camping.

Chris W.

Executive Assistant
Christian is a military wife and mother above all else. After traveling wherever her husband was stationed from Long Beach, California, Seattle, Washington, Boston Massachusetts, Chincoteague, Virginia, Chesapeake, Virginia, Miami, Florida, to Houston, Texas, they finally settled in the Shenandoah Valley. She has worked many different jobs providing all different levels of support, as well as raising her son along the way. She believes that compassion for others is the most important thing to incorporate in any career path as well as personally. She has grown up with members of her family having different disabilities and witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate. During Covid she decided she wanted to make more of a difference and found Moms In Motion. The organization seemed to be just what she was looking for as its core values of Advocacy, Compassion, Excellence, and Service are all things that Christian is passionate about. In her free time Christian enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Alisa S.

Division Support Admin
Alisa has grown up in Winchester Virginia with deep ties to the surrounding area and its community. She was introduced to the world of Medicaid waivers when her Daughter was born with Down syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. She knows first hand how beneficial waiver services are and the positive impact that utilizing them has had on her own family. Advocacy for those with Down syndrome has become a huge passion for Alisa. She is one of the founding members of a non-profit serving individuals with Down syndrome and their families in the Shenandoah Valley. Alisa looks forward to helping new and existing clients navigate their own journeys with waiver services.

Amy H.

Division Support Admin

Amy is a Hampton Roads native and earned her Bachelors in Sociology from Old Dominion University. She currently resides in Suffolk with her husband and 2 children.

Her passion for helping others can be traced back to her pre-professional days. Whether it be rescuing dogs, serving at her church or working with local homeschool families, her goal has been to help others.

Jordan K.

Division Support Admin - West
Jordan was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, and lives there now with her partner and daughter. Her passion for special needs families began shortly after college when she took a job at a nonprofit, private school that provides services for individuals and families affected by autism and other learning challenges. Jordan left that job in hopes to find something that could coincide with her daughter's schedule but still help families in need and was grateful to find that in Moms In Motion. She looks forward to growing within the company and providing compassion and guidance to new and existing clients. In her free time, Jordan enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching sports, and traveling.
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