Northeast Division

Annielee G.

Service Facilitator
Annielee and her husband Anthony live in Northern Virginia with their two daughters Jean and Lillian. Annielee's background is in education. She has a Bachelors of science in education from The City College of New York and a Masters of science in education from Hunter College of New York. Annielee began her career as an elementary school teacher. During her career she became the talented and gifted teacher as well as the lead teacher for the second grade. After moving to Virginia she continued to provide her service to education as a substitute teacher and special education instructional assistant specializing in behavioral disabilities. Annielee, has 20 years of combined experience as an educator. Annielee's passion for education, and helping others has led her to work with Moms In Motion. She began her journey with moms in motion in 2021, where she gives her support and experience to help those in need as a Waiver services Coordinator. Annielee is delighted to have the opportunity to expand her experience and provide services so important to so many.

Ashley M.

Service Facilitator
Ashley and her husband Jay currently reside in Northern Virginia. Ashley has a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Psychology from Liberty University. While completing undergrad, Ashley started her career as a Home Care Aid. This ignited her passion for wanting to help others. Ashley’s specialty is serving others. She has professionally and personally always chosen a path that would lead her in a life of service. Ashley also worked as an early childhood development educator. Ashley enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things. She genuinely has a heart for people and has showed her great commitment to serve others through her four years of experience. She is delighted to be joining Moms In Motion to continue serving others by providing services to help individuals and their families.

Carolyn E.

Senior Service Facilitator
Carolyn is a single mother to two wonderful children, one with very special needs. She now resides in Fairfax, Va, which is also where she grew up. Her son has triplegic cerebral palsy, along with epilepsy and a g-tube. He has shown Carolyn what it means to advocate and fight for your children, which has helped immensely with her growth in connecting and helping to advocate for other individuals, as well. Carolyn has a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University, as well as 15+ years of experience working as a professional chef. Her chef career led her to the green grocer profession, which greatly increased her interest and ability to help various communities with environmental restoration. She is thrilled to now use her skills and passion to help individuals with special needs.

Jasmine K.

Senior Service Facilitator

Jasmine resides in Northern VA with her husband and six children. She moved to Virginia from Florida in 2011 when her husband began work with the U.S. government. Before leaving Florida, Jasmine was awarded her AA degree in Education from Indian River State College. Upon arriving in Virginia, she enrolled at Liberty University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

Jasmine has always had a passion for serving others. She firmly believes that acquiring knowledge is one’s best chance of changing the trajectory of one’s life. For this reason, Jasmine has spent most of her career finding ways to educate children and families. She is also an advocate for making nutrition education accessible for families across Northern VA. She has worked through her own business, as well as Inova Health Systems, to ensure that children are trained early on how to create healthy lifestyles through smart food choices.

Jasmine has worked with MOMs as both a service facilitator and senior service facilitator. Now as division manager, Jasmine will continue to advocate for families. She will ensure every individual is provided the services they need to live the lives they deserve.

Jennifer D.

Senior Service Facilitator

Jennifer lives in Woodbridge with her two sons and two cats. When she is not working, she is scrapbooking, working in her yard, and spending time with her family and friends.

Jennifer has a Master’s in Kinesiology from Indiana University, as well as a Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education from George Mason University. She has worked as a special education preschool teacher for the last nine years and is currently in her sixth year at Prince William County Schools. Jennifer also works with the Special Olympics as the medical coordinator.

Jennifer was introduced to Moms In Motion when she and her son needed assistance quickly and her son’s service facilitator helped so much. It was because of this that Jennifer realized she wanted to help other families in the same way. She is always advocating for her son and she looks forward to continuing her work with families to provide resources that will help bring stability to their lives.

Kelly W.

Senior Service Facilitator

Kelly is a self-proclaimed Army brat due to both of her parents being retired military. She has her Bachelor’s in Biological Science from VCU and is currently earning a Master’s in Public Health at GCU. Kelly enjoys football (Go Steelers!), exercising, cooking, and doing puzzles in her free time.

Kelly was drawn to Moms In Motion for their ability to help others receive the best care possible, along with being able to utilize her knowledge gained from her Master’s program thus far. She considers it a great privilege to work with a team that serves as a “saving” grace to those who are in need of such services to ensure they are receiving proper care.

LaTricia D.

Service Facilitator

LaTricia is the mother of two phenomenal boys and wife to a fantastic husband. Her eldest son was diagnosed with Autism at age five. Thankfully, her sister-in-love has a background in social work and provided her with resource information. One of those resources was a list of service facilitators, including a few highlights on the ones recommended. Having no previous information or history with these organizations, it was the name that stood out and grasped her attention: Moms In Motion. With the credibility from her family, LaTricia contacted Moms immediately and was greeted with warmth, empathy, and plenty of patience while talking her through the processes of advocacy for her son. Since then, she’s referred friends, family and strangers to Moms for guidance through what can be a cumbersome and emotional experience.

LaTricia has a Bachelor's of Science in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her focus was in broadcasting and she worked as a live radio announcer and voice-over artist for twelve years. LaTricia enjoys encouraging people of all ages to practice self-care, reconnect with their passions, and fulfill their destinies. She is a makeup artist who loves smiley faces and nearly every genre of music. Some of her favorite things are teaching, writing, card games, and starry nights.

Lydia McGrath

Lydia M.

Senior Service Facilitator

Lydia currently lives in Manassas, VA with her husband, Mike, two children, Keelin and Rory, and their Great Dane, Maddy. She grew up in Southern California where she attended San Diego State University and received her degree in Social Work.

Lydia’s journey began when her son, Rory, was born 7 weeks premature and was diagnosed with PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia). Rory is intellectually and physically delayed. Lydia has been receiving services for Rory since he was born and has seen how challenging it is to get set up with the right services.

In the short time she has been with Moms In Motion, Lydia has learned of so many other services she was never told about - this is why she decided to be a Service Facilitator herself. Lydia wants to make sure that other families, like her own, receive all the services they need to help their loved ones in some way.

Sandra M.

Senior Service Facilitator

Sandra is a single mother of five wonderful children and an adorable granddaughter. Her four youngest children have some sort of special need. Her youngest daughter has hydrocephalus, a seizure disorder, and is non-verbal and wheelchair bound. She has taught Sandra what determination and persistence really means. Over the past nineteen years, Sandra has advocated for her children and their needs.

Sandra has a Bachelor's of Science in Management from Phoenix University and is currently working on obtaining her Master's in Secondary Education. She looks forward to working with other families through Moms In Motion, helping them receive the services that they need.

Seli S.

Senior Service Facilitator

Seli is a single mother to a daughter with multiple disabilities. Through her efforts to advocate for her child, Seli went back to school to learn new skills to better meet her needs. From her experiences in raising her child, she has become a resource to several families within the community she lives.

Seli has a passion to see individuals succeed and has mentored others to further their education. She has a degree in Recreation Development Studies and a Master's in Social Entrepreneurship. Seli looks forward to using her skills and to learn new ones in her new role, through her work with Moms In Motion, providing help and resources to others.

Yuliana P.

Service Facilitator

Yuliana is a proud mother to a wonderful little girl. She grew up in Falls Church and currently resides in Stafford, Virginia. From a young age, Yuliana knew she wanted to have a career where she would be working with people and helping those in need. She teaches Spanish at James Monroe High School and works with kids of all different backgrounds. Through her career in education, Yuliana has seen the need for awareness and advocacy for children with disabilities. She does her best to advocate for her special needs students by attending meetings pertaining to their education and accommodations. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with family, read and write poetry, and watch any kind of documentary.

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