Khalilah J.

Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Khalilah earned her Bachelor's of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and went on to earn her MBA in Marketing. She is a freelance image consultant and wardrobe stylist while splitting her time working as a blogger, social media influencer, and brand ambassador under the moniker Khalilah‘s Kloset. Additionally, Khalilah is a Family Support Worker for Albemarle County Department of Social Services. In this role, Khalilah works collaboratively with students, parents, and families to identify resources to ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to thrive. She teaches mechanisms for coping with stress, aids in developing communication strategies, educates families about physical and emotional self-care, and connects families with local resources.

As a mother to a school aged child diagnosed with ADHD combined type, Khalilah was drawn to Moms In Motion. Having the opportunity to serve as a liaison and advocate for others in this role thoroughly piqued her interest. Between her heart for service and passion for advocating on the behalf of others, thereby supporting families in living their best lives, Khalilah is confident she is home!

Ultimately, it is Khalilah’s goal to design a world that's thoughtful, socially responsible and aesthetically pleasing. Her mantra is pretty is not a look, it’s a behavior. Khalilah spends every day performing at the sweet spot between a heart for service, aesthetics and elegance to craft experiences that go beyond a community service opportunity. She is adept at making people feel as if they are the only person in the world that matters to her during their interaction...because they are! Those experiences can be summed up as the Khalilah razzle dazzle. Khalilah’s personal philosophy is that sometimes you have to build the ship you’ve been waiting for. So where will you find her today? Helping clients in carving character. Laying a foundation of freedom. Building that vessel to a better way of life.

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