Information Technology

The Technology team at Moms is dedicated to assisting team members with portal support, troubleshooting device issues, and developing ways to streamline existing processes and systems. They also serve as the liaisons when working with other developers and technical support teams. 

Sarah Williamson

Sarah W.

Technology Solutions Manager

Sarah lives in northern Virginia and is happily married. She graduated from George Mason University in 2013 where she obtained her Bachelor’s. Since she was a child, Sarah has had an affinity for technology. She is a fast learner and always eager to learn new things. She will go many lengths to accomplish her goals and enjoys working on challenging tasks.

Sarah has learned so much through Moms In Motion and she looks forward to what the future has in store. She feels so blessed for the opportunity to give back to the community and help others.

Alex H.

Technology Solutions Assistant

Alex is a technology enthusiast with a focus on cybersecurity, 3D printing, and social equality. His lifelong interest in technology stems from a desire to learn, which he leverages to stay updated on new technologies as they emerge. In his previous position, Alex worked directly with local low-income families to provide housing opportunities. His lifelong goals include earning a "bug bounty" from a major technology corporation and travelling the world.

Alex lives in Warren County, Virginia with his partner, sons, and cats.

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