Division 7

Samantha Clatterbuck

Division Manager
Samantha was born and raised in Rappahannock County VA, after graduating high school she enrolled in cosmetology school where she obtained her license for cosmetology. She then moved to Warren County VA with the man she now calls her husband and father to their beautiful daughter. While working full time in a hair salon Samantha also began working part time as a care attendant for a child with special needs. The rewarding feeling of joy and accomplishment she got from seeing that child so engaged and happy gave her the longing to do more in the community for individuals with disabilities. Samantha is very compassionate, strong willed and wants to help advocate for those in need, she feels working with Moms In Motion is the perfect way to fulfill this goal! Samantha is also very family oriented and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, daughter and three FURbabies.

Alaina Rejer

Service Facilitator
Alaina is originally from Indiana and relocated to Virginia in September of 2021. She lives in Henrico County with her husband and two children. She has a passion for helping others with a career path that includes four years of working with clients who suffer from substance abuse disorder and as a therapist for children with special needs. She has done everything from in-home therapy to serving as a Clinic Coordinator for an ABA center in Indiana for five years. Alaina has a degree in psychology and a certification in permanent makeup. She’s had her own business for almost three years prior to moving to Virginia for her husband’s job. She loves to bake, spend time with her children, and make others feel their best.

Jualinn Dunham

Service Facilitator

Jualinn originally went to school to become a CMA, however shortly after graduating and obtaining a job, she found that it was hard to maintain a work life while ensuring the needs of her son with disabilities were met. After personally using Moms in Motion’s facilitation services, she was led to obtain employment with Moms in Motion to help with that balance. Jualinn enjoys spending her spare time with her kids and fur babies and also loves to read.

Leslie Louick

Service Facilitator
Leslie’s son has received service facilitation from Moms In Motion for years, and they have enjoyed the rapport built with the facilitators, as well as appreciating their help in accessing needed resources. When she found herself ready for a change in her social work career and learned that Moms In Motion needed facilitators, it seemed too good to be true! She’s beyond excited to be joining this team and to be making this shift in her work life.

Lindsey Smelser

Service Facilitator

Lindsey grew up as a military child, so she has called many states her home. She lived in Virginia as a child, and also stationed in Virginia Beach when she was in the Navy. She now calls Fort Lee her home where the Navy sent her active duty husband, with her four kids and three dogs.

Lindsey’s passion for helping others started in the Navy, where she served as a surface warfare officer after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. She grew up with the mindset of taking care of people to allow them to be their best from her Marine Corps father. She continued that once she became a Navy spouse. She never wanted other spouses to have to struggle with the system like she did with her children. Both of her older boys suffer from severe ADHD and other behavioral issues, which were only exasperated with their father’s hard deployment schedule. She is excited to work with an amazing organization that helps the community so much.

Melissa Gordon

Senior Service Facilitator

Melissa moved back to Richmond a few years ago, after spending thirteen years in New England. She lives in Henrico County with her son and sister. Melissa was direct support staff and a residential manager for adult clients with developmental disabilities. Her son also had his issues, and she has always felt she’s had a calling in this field.

Melissa has a bachelor’s in Biology from V.C.U. and is currently at Liberty University getting her master’s in counseling. She has two children and two young grandchildren. She is active in mentoring girls in faith-based programs and is involved in the recovery community. A huge part of her self-care is giving back to others. She loves the clients she works with and is a firm believer in advocacy.

Nakita Conley

Service Facilitator
Nakita is a hardworking mother who worked two full time jobs with no days off to take care of her son. She loves reading books and working out to relieve stress. She received her B.S.W from Rutgers and was immediately hired at her internship placement. She was promoted to unit supervisor within two years on the job. Tired of the city life, she decided to make some changes. Her original plan was to move to North Carolina but when she got engaged, her plans changed. She decided to relocate back to Virginia with her fiancé after her son graduated from high school and came across Moms In Motion in her transition from New Jersey.

Shelly McDowney

Service Facilitator
Shelly resides in Dinwiddie, Virginia with her family and 5 month old Yorkie. She strives to continuously aid others who cannot help themselves. Shelly has worked in the mental health/health care field for over 10 years. She has a passion for working with individuals with mental health diagnoses and intellectual disabilities; a passion brought on from personal experiences with family. Shelly also loves cooking, reading, spending time with her family, and teaching Sunday school to children and adolescents through her church. Having the opportunity to help individuals of all ages flourish on their personal journeys is one she is looking forward to, which is what ultimately led her to Moms in Motion. Being a social change agent for her community is most important as well as rewarding, and she cannot wait to see where this exciting and new journey takes her!

Shertorrie Taylor

Senior Service Facilitator
Shertorrie loves helping those who need a voice to obtain the assistance they need to live a healthy life. She served as a PCA in the past and loved working with her clients and their families making transitions to grow and live a quality life. She is excited to join the Moms In Motion team.

Tima Smith

Service Facilitator

Tima has lived in Richmond, VA since 1981 and has been an RN since 1987. She has also worked in the Neuroscience ICU and moved into the field of HIV Research in 1992, when there were very little drugs to treat HIV. In 1995, Tima added to her research experience by working with children with HIV/AIDS. When the research grant ended, she became an RN Educator, working with pregnant HIV+ women, exposed infants, children, and youth to help them be adherent with medications, medical appointments, navigate difficult systems, and provide basic HIV education.

Tima has three wonderful young adult children and two awesome granddaughters. Most of her family lives in Suffolk or Portsmouth, VA near her lovely parents.

Tima's life’s work is helping the community to have the best quality of life by providing the highest level of service to each individual she serves.

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