Division 7

Lindsey Allen

Division Manager

Lindsey has lived in just about every region of the Commonwealth. She holds a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration from Mary Baldwin University and has served as an Assistant Director of Admissions, as well as a Social Services Coordinator for a large healthcare organization. While her professional endeavors have offered many distinctive, edifying experiences, Lindsey’s most important role has been as a mother. With one child having been diagnosed with Autism at a very young age, Lindsey was eager to learn the ins-and-outs of Early Intervention, specialized services, and other developmentally supportive benefits that aided in raising a specially-abled child. With a belief that accessible, sustainable support can encourage and empower, coupled with a passion for social equity, Lindsey desires to “be good and do good” in every facet of her personal and professional life.

Angela Wenger

Senior Service Facilitator

Angela was raised in the Hudson Valley, NY but has lived in Virginia for many years. She is a mother and a spouse of an active-duty service member. They are stationed in Hampton Roads. Angela has a Bachelor’s degree in African and Latino Studies and her professional experiences are diverse. She has been a home visitor for an evidence-based home visiting program, represented a managed care organization, and most recently served other military families. She is excited to work with families, helping to provide resources to support their needs by stepping into an advocate role with Moms In Motion.

Charlene Tucker

Senior Service Facilitator

Charlene is a mother of two and has worked with adult people with intellectual disabilities for many years. She earned an Associate's degree in Applied Science as well as a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Human Services. Charlene also obtained a certification in Human Service Management. She enjoys arts, crafts, and DIY projects.

Dawn Grayson

Service Facilitator
Dawn was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and has recently relocated to Virginia. Dawn has been in the education field for 11 years wearing many hats. She has worked with children and families with diverse backgrounds and is so happy to continue to change lives for the better at Moms In Motion. She has three grown children and one goofy dog that is her constant companion. She enjoys reading and loves being close to the beach when she can relax. Dawn enjoys the area and is so excited to provide hope and help here with Moms in Motion.

Katasha Roberson

Service Facilitator
Katasha was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. The U.S. Navy is what brought her and her family to Virginia. Katasha has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from South University. She has been a teacher assistant in Virginia Public Schools, working with students with disabilities. She is married to her childhood sweetheart of twenty-four years. Her greatest inspiration is her four daughters. She enjoys crafting, DIY projects and planning events. Katasha's passion for individuals with disabilities is what drew her to Moms In Motion. She is excited to help as many families as she can.

Krista Hines

Service Facilitator
Krista is a Virginia native and a current resident of Suffolk. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Theoretical Mathematics from Norfolk State University. After years of teaching mathematics on the collegian level, she is extremely excited to join the Moms In Motion team where she can serve her community in another capacity. Krista is a heart-filled giver who loves to make people smile. Self-proclaimed holiday queen and real-life math professor! Krista is an outgoing and very determined person. She never lets anything beat her. Krista is blessed with a wonderful husband, twin boys, and a grandson that she loves so dearly. She loves to gather with family and friends for any occasion.

Wendy Hayes

Service Facilitator
Wendy has lived in Virginia most of her life; she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Saint Paul’s College. Wendy has been an educator in public schools and taught students with intellectual disabilities. She has previous experience as a counselor/case manager in corrections and she has been an educator in a correctios as well. Wendy has experience in in-home counseling and customer service. Wendy is married to her best friend, and she has one daughter, three stepchildren and five grandchildren. Wendy enjoys spending time with family and she enjoys crafting in her spare time.
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