Division 4

Samantha Clatterbuck

Division Manager
Samantha was born and raised in Rappahannock County VA, after graduating high school she enrolled in cosmetology school where she obtained her license for cosmetology. She then moved to Warren County VA with the man she now calls her husband and father to their beautiful daughter. While working full time in a hair salon Samantha also began working part time as a care attendant for a child with special needs. The rewarding feeling of joy and accomplishment she got from seeing that child so engaged and happy gave her the longing to do more in the community for individuals with disabilities. Samantha is very compassionate, strong willed and wants to help advocate for those in need, she feels working with Moms In Motion is the perfect way to fulfill this goal! Samantha is also very family oriented and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, daughter and three FURbabies.

Bethany Mercer

Senior Service Facilitator

Bethany grew up in Shenandoah County and went to Roanoke College where she received a Bachelors in Sociology with a concentration in Social Work and Health Care Delivery. Bethany has a background in Social Work and worked at the Department of Social Services where her job was providing services to families to help keep the children in the home and the family together. Most recently Bethany worked in Substance Use, helping people in recovery from addiction.

Bethany has two sons ages. She obtained custody of her youngest at age 2 and adopted him at age 5. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and has had an IEP through the school system since the age of 3.

Bethany has always lived a life of helping others and looks forward to being a part of the Moms in Motion team and continuing to provide help and resources to those who need it.

Chastity Frazier

Senior Service Facilitator

Chastity previously worked as a driver for Augusta County for fourteen years transporting children with special needs to and from school. She developed special bonds between the children she transported, as well as with their parents. She was always encouraged when she saw the great progress they made from year to year - and even day to day.

Chastity looks forward to meeting and helping new people through her work with Moms In Motion and couldn't be happier to continue helping her community.

Halie Hoover

Service Facilitator
Halie resides in Rockingham County with her loving husband and three amazing children. Her passion for helping others was sparked in her teen years while caring for her younger brothers who were left with severe physical and psychological disabilities after a horrific accident. She joined Moms In Motion shortly after her youngest child was diagnosed with ADHD and an impulse control disorder. Halie has a degree in Health Sciences and spent the first decade of her career as a nurse in a local family practice. She spends her free time writing poetry, trying to spread joy to others, and cheering at little league games.

James Kile

Senior Service Facilitator
James worked in public education for 21 years, the last 10 serving as a school administrator. During this time he worked with students with emotional disorders, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism. The next phase of his professional life involved serving as a behavior clinician for families of children with autism. James’s last professional role involved working as a career coach for a program that focused on helping those living in poverty obtain funds and resources to pursue careers in the health care field. After a brief period away to help deal with family health issues, he is excited to have the opportunity to use his experience helping people to overcome the hurdles of life. James has three children (a son in college at James Madison University, a son entering his senior year in high school, and a daughter entering seventh grade),

Jennifer Young

Service Facilitator

Jennifer was born and raised in California, and relocated to the beautiful Shenandoah County where she has resided since 2016. She graduated with her BA in Psychology from California State Dominguez Hills. Jennifer has a continuing growing passion in the world of helping those with disabilities. In the past, she has worked in a wide array of different areas, from working with the elderly in assisted living residences, to one on one care with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. She hopes to utilize her past experiences within the field to further enrich the lives of others, and is excited to be part of the Moms In Motion team.

Rebekah Cassada

Service Facilitator
Rebekah grew up in northern Virginia until college brought her to Lynchburg where she attended Liberty University to get her bachelor’s in public health promotion. She continues to reside there and enjoys all the seasons that Virginia brings. Rebekah has been a nanny for almost ten years, working with kids with disabilities; she enjoys seeing the progress they and their families make. She also has medical experience in long-term care, disability, and many other areas. When Rebekah is not working, she loves to hang out with family and friends, play guitar, watch Netflix, and go on spontaneous adventures. She can't wait to work with you and bring a smile to your face.

Tracey O'Leary

Service Facilitator
Tracey was born and raised in New York and moved to Warren County in 2007. She has a BS in Business Administration and an MA in Emergency Management. She has a passion to help people, likes to be as prepared as possible and looks for the silver linings in every situation. She enjoys helping people to find the solutions they need for a positive outcome. As a mom and foster-mom to five children she has many years of personal experience navigating special education services and the IEP process within local school systems.

Trisha Bruce

Senior Service Facilitator
Trisha Bruce comes from a single parent home, where hardships are just small setbacks to any goal her mother put her mind to. Watching her mother accomplish so much as a single parent showed Trisha that she could achieve whatever she wanted in life if she set her mind to it and worked hard for it. Trisha’s goal has always been to help those in need see that they too can achieve it all and to be there every step of the way, cheering them on. Coaching basketball has shown her that her passion is also to help the next generation achieve whatever they want. It gives Trisha great joy in life knowing a positive impact can give someone so much encouragement to go after their goals.

Vanessa Higgins

Senior Service Facilitator

Vanessa has twelve years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. She graduated from the ECPI Tech in Roanoke, VA with a major in Medical.

After college, Vanessa married and now lives in Covington, VA with her husband and three children. She has worked in residential facilities, group homes, the public school system, in the homes of clients, medical facilities, nursing homes, and TeleaMedicine. Vanessa is passionate about working with individuals with special needs and their families, and she is excited to continue to enhance their lives through Moms In Motion.

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