Division 5

Kristen Jones

Division Manager

Kristen is a graduate of Hollins University, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Child Psychology. Since graduation, she has been in many roles serving children and adults with various special needs. Currently she serves as a member of the Parent Advisory Board for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and is an active member of the local Special Families support group.

While Kristen has always had a passion for working in the special needs community, that love became more personal when her daughter was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality. In the past year, Kristen has learned a lot about coordinating care and advocating for her child. She is so excited to be able to help others navigating this process.

Amanda Walthall

Senior Service Facilitator

Amanda is mother of three, and resides in the Henry County jurisdiction. She is a new graduate with her Associate’s in Health and Human Services where she was a member of the National Honor Society and Alpha Beta Kappa. She wanted to show her children that no matter your age or where you are in life you can still chase your dreams and follow the path of education. Amanda was drawn to the career path with Mom’s In Motion as it allowed to help those who needed help and found that it was her calling as well. She is eager to be a part of Moms In Motion and knows that she can make a difference one patient at a time.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her kids by doing family crafts, family games, and spontaneous family outings. Family is a big part of Amanda and in fact, family is what has encouraged her to take the path of helping those with disabilities. Amanda is focused on how she can help others and ensures that they are treated with the respect that they deserve.

Chris Barber

Senior Service Facilitator

Chris hails from the West Coast, but came to Virginia for school where he remained with his family. He has a Bachelor’s of Psychology and Master’s of Divinity, as well as four children - two boys and two girls.

Chris and his wife have fostered teens for the last 10 years. He's thankful for the services of Moms In Motion as his oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy and has benefited from consumer-directed services for many years. Chris hopes to help other families in the same manner his family has been helped through the services of Moms In Motion.

Elaina Realmuto

Service Facilitator
Elaina received her BSW from Radford University with the goal of using her experiences to help others. Her previous work experience has been in the field of addiction, meals on wheels, and mental health skill building. Elaina has personal experience with waivers as a mother of an adult child with autism. She is excited about her future with Moms in Motion and looking forward to helping other recipients with her knowledge of the process from a parent's point of view.

Jenny Estes

Senior Service Facilitator

Jenny lives in the Roanoke area with her two amazing children. She has a heart for service to others and a passion for advocacy for those who need a voice. Jenny earned a Master's in Counseling from the University of Memphis and has worked with children and families as a preschool teacher at a local non-profit serving ELL families and as a school counselor in public schools.

When Jenny's oldest child was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, her heart and passion grew to include the special needs community. She was introduced to Moms In Motion through the local special families and Autism groups. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys game nights, crocheting, and traveling. She also loves to volunteer at her church and at her children's school.

Morgan Neel

Senior Service Facilitator
Morgan is from Riner, Virginia. She is a single mother of three boys. In her free time she enjoys watching movies, traveling to new places, and spending time with family. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration and a Medical Billing and Coding Certification. Morgan has been a volunteer with the Ms. Wheelchair Virginia Program for around 9 years in different capacities. Throughout her involvement in the program as a volunteer before, during, and after the annual galas; Morgan has become inspired to focus her educational and career goals toward a path that would give her a sense of purpose and joy while helping others. Morgan is excited to begin this new adventure with Moms In Motion.

Rita Bryan

Senior Service Facilitator

Rita was born and raised in far Southwest Virginia on a 500 acre farm, and currently lives in Blue Ridge, Virginia. Rita received an AAS in Mental Health Technology with a focus on Gerontology in 1984. She also received a BS in Psychology from Patten University, and Criminology from John F Kennedy University finishing in 2020. Rita is the mother of one son, and two wonderful grandchildren and an awesome daughter-in-law who are the lights of her life.

Throughout Rita’s career she has continued to widen her horizons by working in different areas of the Mental Health field. She has worked with Adolescents who were in State institutions, helped start and staff two different Women’s Shelters, and worked with physically and developmentally challenged institutional settings. She also worked with those suffering from Mental Disease doing skill building in order for them to stay in their homes and find solutions that helped them live a more normal life while battling their illnesses. She is an advocate for everyone who needs help and support in dealing with issues that challenges them and make it hard for them to thrive. In her down time she does a wide variety of art projects that she takes with her in the field to help teach others ways of reducing stress and helping increasing their self-esteem. She had also traveled extensively throughout the entire United States and several Countries enjoying many different cultures.

Sharon Nelsoen

Service Facilitator

Sharon found her gift to the world when she discovered her ability to help others. She found this early in her career working as a Customer Service Representative learning about engines in order to assist mechanics ordering parts across the North American Continent and working as a Human Resources Specialist recruiting and assisting employees furthering their education. It was during this time Sharon decided to further her own education and complete her Bachelor's Science Degree in Psychology. Additional professional experience included Employment Specialist at Stand Up, Inc. assisting clients with information and internal/external services to maximize their employability, providing case management documentation to Stand Up, Dars and vocational rehabilitation personnel in addition to client coaching, modeling appropriate work skills, behavior and social interaction. Sharon has a feeling of fulfillment when she finds her clients progressing and being able to support themselves. She defines it as “working a puzzle”, she is willing to dig to find the pieces that make that puzzle a picture for her clients.

Sharon’s professional experience, formal degree and previous experience in her ability to help others is a perfect match for Moms

Tina Browning

Senior Service Facilitator

Tina lives in the small town of Wise, Virginia. She has two beautiful children, Alexandria and Jacob. Tina graduated with her Bachelor’s in Human Services from Lindsey Wilson College in 2010. She would like to further her education by working on her Master’s in Counseling. In the past, she worked at Kid’s Central Inc., a local head start program, for almost twelve years as an early head start home visitor. Through this position, she had the opportunity to work with families of children with special needs. Tina is excited about beginning a new adventure with Moms In Motion.

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