Community Outreach & Client Engagement

Tammy Hamrick

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Team Lead
Tammy resides in Prince George, Virginia with her husband and their three children. Tammy loves to help people and is quick to volunteer not just herself, but her family. Tammy holds a B.A. in Human Services from Southern New Hampshire University. Tammy has a heart for children and families and believes kindness is contagious.

Amanda Goodwin

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Representative
Serving Divisions 6, 7, & 11

Amanda is a military spouse living in Hampton Roads with her husband and three children. She earned her Litigation Specialist certificate and BS in English, with a concentration in Linguistics, from Old Dominion University. Amanda’s twins were born 9 weeks premature and spent several weeks in the NICU. Watching her boys overcome so many hurdles has fostered some of the proudest moments of her life, and has opened her eyes to the struggles for services for those with disabilities. In her spare time, she loves volunteering at a local animal shelter, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Amanda has neurodiverse family members, including her children, so this is a career that is very personal to her. She has learned a lot the past decade as a parent, and even though the system is everchanging, she is eager to continue to educate herself and advocate for others. Amanda believes that a strong support system for families of children with disabilities is of paramount importance. She believes in the “it takes a village” mentality, and credits her village for her success in achieving services for her children. This includes CCC Plus waiver services. Amanda is excited to work at Moms In Motion because she has experienced first-hand the immense positive impact that waiver services has had for her children. She hopes to help those in need, especially military families, get access to available resources.

Amy Stinson

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Representative
Serving Divisions 5 & 10

Amy is a mother of 2 sons, both warriors. One is a US Marine, the other is a Type 1 Diabetic. Some people only dream of meeting their heroes, Amy was lucky enough to raise hers. Family time is valued more than ever now with her oldest son in the Marine Corp. That time consists of board games, jokes, day trips and more simple things in life.

Amy received her Associate's degree from Patrick Henry Community College. She is active in her church, participates in fundraising activities for Type 1 Diabetes, and crafts in her spare time. She believes one of the most important things in life is to be heard and acknowledged. Her experience in the medical field taught her that most patients just needed someone to listen. It is Amy’s goal to be that person for her Moms In Motion clients.

Anna Thomas

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Representative
Serving Divisions 3, 4, & 8

Anna resides in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband and their 2 yorkies, Lucy and Ethel. She is a very active member in her community as well as her church. Because of her passion for youth, she volunteers weekly at her church in Elkton, VA. Anna has a background in Medical Management, Human Resources, and Public Speaking. In 2013, her family was given the news that her father-in-law had been diagnosed with ALS; this came with new challenges for their entire family. During this life changing diagnosis, Anna was dedicated to helping him navigate this difficult journey. Anna believes in working hard and always showing kindness to others.

Brianna Knight

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Representative
Serving Divisions 1, 2, & 9
Brianna married into the Army life and is a mother to four beautiful girls. The inconsistency of military life encouraged her to pursue her scholastic career online. She received a Master of Science in Human and Social Services in the beginning of 2020. Her heart has always steered her toward helping others. In mid-2019, her oldest daughter experienced a trauma which led Brianna into the world of in- home care. Moms in Motion has given Brianna the ability to put into action her heart’s desire, scholastic knowledge, and pursuit of helping reduce stress for others in situations similar to hers. She is honored to have the opportunity to serve and empower others.

Emily Barrett

Client Engagement Specialist

Emily was born and raised in Northern Virginia and resides in Stephenson, VA with her husband and two sweet kiddos. She received her degree in Nursing in 2012 when she realized it was her passion to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. After working through the pandemic, Emily decided to take her career in a new direction. She is thrilled to continue doing what she loves by being a positive resource for those in need. In her free time, Emily loves creating new memories with her family and getting lost in a good book. She is an avid gardener and always looks forward to the start of the Spring season when she can begin planning which fruits and vegetables her and her children are going to witness grow from seed to food that year. It is Emily’s hope to help each person she comes in contact with.

Iona Hart

Client Engagement Specialist

Iona lives in Chesterfield, Virginia and has been in the surrounding areas for most of her life. She was drawn to working for Moms in Motion after being a caregiver and has always enjoyed being a helping hand to others. She enjoys spending her free time with the people she loves and being by the water. She also loves cooking, art and cuddling up with her dogs. She believes that taking the time to listen is the key to a world with more compassion.

Jesy Young

Client Engagement Specialist

Jesy resides in Culpeper, Virginia with her three children. She loves children and helping everyone she can. She is active in her church and during her free time, you can usually catch her at one of her oldest son’s sport games or tournaments. She also enjoys reading, singing, and just generally being around the people she holds dear. Jesy was drawn to Moms in Motion when she heard about the program and everything that it stands for from a couple of her friends. Her huge heart and desire to help others is what led her to make the decision to join the team.

Peter Carrington Brown

Community Outreach & Client Engagement Representative.
Peter is a New Jersey native who now resides in Mechanicsville, Virginia. At the height of the Covid-19 crisis, Peter's mother became gravely ill. She was hospitalized and required 24-hour care upon returning home. Peter quickly discovered that navigating the Medicaid waiver system could be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. It was during that process he found Moms in Motion. Peter was so moved by the compassion, advocacy, and person-centered service of Moms in Motion that he wanted to become part of the team!

Stefanie Smith

Client Engagement Specialist

Stefanie was born and raised in Frederick County, VA and has decided to raise her family there as well. She has been married to her husband since 2011 and they are now a family of 6. They have 4 beautiful children - three boys and a girl who keeps them on their toes. When I am not at work you can usually find me at a ball field, basketball court, or gymnastics gym.

Stefanie has worked in healthcare for the majority of her working history. Volunteering and working with the community are some of her biggest passions. With her knowledge of healthcare, customer services, and passion for community service, working with Moms in Motion came as an easy decision.

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