Administrative Team

Polly Matthews

Polly Matthews

Administrative Operations Manager

Polly lives in Newport News with her husband and two sons. Her youngest son was born with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), which has led to multiple special needs. Upon learning more about her son’s needs, she signed up to be the area representative for Stop CMV. This has allowed Polly to better help other parents in the area cope with the challenges and questions they had when their children were born with CMV.

Polly is so happy to work with Moms In Motion in this capacity, and hopes to help those in need through her own experiences to get further faster.

Kacey Bishop

Kacey Bishop

EPSDT Team Lead

Kacey is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and three children. When Kacey’s youngest daughter was born premature at 26 weeks, her family was introduced into the special needs world. After a lengthy hospital stay, Kacey and her husband brought their daughter home on oxygen and a g-tube. Since then, they have spent the past several years learning the resources available for their daughter and helping her overcome many hurdles.

Kacey understands what it is like as a parent trying to find the resources needed for loved ones and wants to help many families make the process smoother and less stressful for families. She has a drive to help others and her community.

Kristie Boultinghouse

Kristie Boultinghouse

CL/FIS Team Lead

Kristie is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach with her husband and four children. Her second child received speech and occupational therapy for 3 1/2 years. This process led Kristie to work closely with therapists, doctors, and insurance companies to help her son receive the best care and resources available to him. She was also an aide for a family with a special needs child. Kristie understands the stress and frustration that finding resources can sometimes bring and is excited to help ease that burden on families working for Moms In Motion.

Rebecca Zepp

Rebecca Zepp

Division Support Admin Team Lead

Rebecca was born and raised in Michigan, but has lived in Botetourt County, Virginia since 2009. She immediately fell in love with the mountains there and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon.

Rebecca is blessed with two beautiful children, Kendra and Peyton. Her life is full of church, family, friends, Michigan State football, movies, and helping others whenever she can.

Rebecca has a huge heart for the world of disabilities ever since her niece was born 6 weeks prematurely. Since then, she has become an active volunteer at her church with the Me Too Ministry, working with special needs children. Life is what you make it and Rebecca chooses to make it beautiful and amazing.

Tammy Kimble

Tammy Kimble

MCO Team Lead

Tammy lives in Fluvanna County with Ryan, her husband of sixteen years. Nine years ago, they were blessed with twin miracle babies who were born severely premature. Today, Abigail & Caleb are healthy and the light of their lives.

In her high school years, Tammy had a soft spot for others with special needs and volunteered at the local learning center, as well as babysat for families of children with special needs. It wasn’t until later, when she moved to Fluvanna County and met Mona Holmes and her son, who has severe special needs, that she got more involved. She attended several conferences with Mona in hopes of encouraging their church and other churches to start a special needs ministry, as well as to learn more ways to help people with special needs.

In 2008, Tammy started working as a direct service provider that provided care to Mona’s son. This special, little guy and his friends are amazing, and it was through working with him that Tammy realized this. In 2010, she joined with others to hold a week long camp for children with special needs and their peers. Out of that, the organization, Precious in His Sight, was established to provide inclusive opportunities (recreational, social, entertainment, etc.) for Fluvanna County residents with special needs. Tammy serves as the Treasurer of this organization.

Today, Tammy continues to work as a direct service provider, caring for the same “not so little anymore” guy. She has seen what a difference it has made for the family in receiving the ID waiver, and enjoys being a part of the Moms In Motion team, so that she may help more families see that difference.

Ashley Jennelle

Office Assistant

Ashley was born in Alexandria, Virginia and moved to the Shenandoah Valley when she was 4 years old. She is a varsity sideline and competition cheerleader, as well as a part of her high school's varsity swim team. Ashley is very active in school and a member of many clubs. She is President of Champions Together, a club to support and include those with disabilities.

Ashley has participated in pageantry for many years and has competed in many different pageant systems, including Tiny Miss of America, Miss Shenandoah County Fair, Miss Junior High School America. Her platform is “Embracing the Amazing,” educating others on the importance of Autism Awareness. Ashley’s sister was diagnosed with Autism when she was only 3 years old. This experience has empowered her to speak at various Board of Supervisor meetings about her platform, as well as her sister’s story. In addition, Ashley has participated in multiple educational videos for teachers in Virginia and has even written her own children's book.

Brianna Parker

CL/FIS Admin

Brianna is a mother of four beautiful children and currently lives in Newport News, VA. She has experienced difficulties navigating the system firsthand with her young niece and nephew who have Autism. Brianna worked for several years as a personal care attendant for them and endeavors to improve the quality of their lives every day. Recently, she has begun the process of diagnosing and receiving services for her son who has Autism. Both experiences have made her a strong advocate for people with disabilities and have helped fuel her passion for helping others.

In her free time, Brianna enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and watching her favorite football team, the New England Patriots, play football. She is really excited to be a part of Moms In Motion and helping local people in her community!

Brittany Craft


Brittany lives in Southwest Virginia with her husband and four daughters. She has experience working for the Department of Social Services and, during her time there, she helped care for a foster child blinded by a traumatic injury. She has been able to follow the child through the journey into the world of disabilities. Brittany has always had a heart for helping others and is excited to grow her passion in caring for others by joining the Moms In Motion team.

Brooke Law

Admin & Assistant

Brooke was born in Roanoke, VA and now lives in Smith Mountain Lake. She is married with two children. Brooke was drawn to Moms In Motion after overcoming issues with her daughter's daycare. Since then, her daughter has had ongoing medical issues that are still being determined.

In her spare time, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family on the lake or playing outside.

Cassidy Day

Kepro Admin

Cassidy is a resident of Richlands, VA where she lives with the love of her life and their two furbabies, Axel and Gray. In October of 2018, Cassidy was blessed to purchase her forever home.

Cassidy has a big heart. When she heard Moms In Motion was hiring, she knew she could not pass up the opportunity to start a new path to help others. She hopes to grow within the company and help as many families as possible during her time.

Catherine Linkenhoker

MCO Admin

Catherine lives in Covington, VA and is a mom of two amazing children. She is currently attending Liberty University, working towards her Associate's and Bachelor's. Catherine was introduced to the special needs community while working at a childcare facility. She has also experienced the challenges firsthand, watching her close friend raise her daughter who has multiple conditions. Catherine realizes how much more attention and advocacy is needed for those individuals with different abilities. She is excited to work for a company that has such compassion for those with special needs.

Chrissiana Fogarty


Chrissiana is the mother to a wonderful son. She has worked with many people with different disabilities. Chrissiana knows and has seen the struggles that people have endured in finding the resources and help they need for their families. She also has a young nephew who was diagnosed with Autism whom she has helped with over the years. Chrissiana is very excited and blessed to be apart of the Moms In Motion team!

Christen Johnson

CL/FIS Admin

For the past several years Christen has experienced, through her own grandmother, the daily struggles presented when caring for someone with a disability, as her grandmother cares for her disabled brother. Christen's mother, Tracey, has spent much of her time helping her grandmother navigate through all of the obstacles faced.

In the Fall of 2018, Christen became licensed as an Accident and Health Insurance Agent. Through this experience, she witnessed how the process of enrolling individuals and families into health care plans caused many people to experience difficulties in receiving the care they needed. The purpose Christen felt in being able to assist those individuals stuck with her. She wants to build her understanding of the world of disabilities, and in turn help other families to receive the assistance they need, so that they can live the best lives possible.

Elizabeth Bentley

MCO Admin

Elizabeth is originally from Georgia, but she eventually settled in Hampton, VA with her husband, stepdaughter, and young son. She has a Bachelor's in English from the University of Georgia and has held many varying titles such as archivist, teacher, manager, and administrative assistant. In all her jobs, Elizabeth's passion has been making a positive difference in people’s lives. She is excited to be a part of the Moms In Motion team so that she can make a difference in helping other get the services they need to live a more complete and happy life.

Jamie Janicik

CL/FIS Admin

Jamie was born and raised in California, but now resides in Michigan. She has a daughter, Alexis, and two stepchildren, Michael and Makayla. In the past, Jamie has worked closely with the aging, helping them obtain the services that they deserve. She loves being able to help people in need. She is very excited to start this new chapter in her life by joining the Moms In Motion team.

Jennifer Hyatt

MCO Admin

Jennifer lives in Claypool Hill, Virginia with her two children, Caden and Mariail. She has an Associate's in Occupational Therapy and a BS in Anthropology from Radford University. In the past, Jennifer worked in a nursing home as a COTA for almost 10 years and in home health for around three before deciding to be a stay at home mom. Since then, she has decorated cakes, worked as a sales rep, worked as a home school coop teacher, and worked as an office manager/HR and payroll clerk.

When Jennifer heard about Moms In Motion, she knew she belonged there as her heart has always been in helping people. Her work and degree in OT gave her a heart for helping individuals and families become as independent and functional as possible.

Jessika Moore


Jessika is from a small town in Southwest Virginia. She is a CNA who has seen the struggles and daily obstacles for people with many challenges. She has also taken care of family members who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Jessika is the mother to a happy little boy, Elijah, and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Kayla Warren

CL/FIS Admin

Kayla resides in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia with her husband and two daughters. She has personal experience with the struggles in finding the proper resources and help needed for families. Her various roles have exposed her to community resources and allowed the growth of relationships with providers for individuals in need. Advocacy is Kayla's passion and she enjoys helping others find resources that can help make the best of one's situation. She is so excited to be part of the Moms in Motion team, so that she can provide much needed support to other families.

Leigh Cantrell

CL/FIS Admin

Leigh is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and two daughters. She also has a son who attends East Tennessee State University. Leigh has worked with children and geriatrics as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for the past fifteen years. This has allowed her to work closely with families and insurance companies, and she wants to continue to help those in need to obtain the resources available to them. Leigh doesn't believe that the ability to help others is her occupation - it is her passion. She looks forward to the opportunity to further her career and the ability to help others.

Sara Orlando

CL/FIS Admin

Sara is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and three children. She was first introduced to the special needs community when she volunteered at Camp Baker. She recently worked as a teaching assistant and worked with children with developmental delays. It was this experience that made Sara want to join Moms In Motion and become an advocate for the special needs community. Sara is so excited for the opportunity to help families receive the services they need.

Stephanie Hass


Stephanie lives in Southwest Virginia with her husband and son. Helping others has always been her passion. She has eight years of experience in Social Services helping families and finding other outside community resources available to them. Along with her time at the Department of Social Services, she also has personal experience helping disabled family members. She recently graduated with her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. She is excited to join Moms In Motion and continue helping others.

Stevie Prince

Division Support Admin

Stevie has been married to her husband Bill since 1981 and they have two grown children and canine kids, several which are rescues. As a parent, Stevie quickly learned how to become an advocate for her daughter when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

As an empty-nester, Stevie earned her Virginia teaching degree and taught 3rd & 4th grade. In that role, she requested and taught special education students while collaborating with their case managers and teachers. Watching her students reach their potential and feel good about themselves was a wonderful experience. Stevie was introduced to Moms In Motion through a student who was a client and immediately she realized the impact she could have helping families while continuing to work with a special needs population.

In her free time Stevie enjoys family time watching the Patriots and Red Sox, crafting, and working with a local animal rescue.

Tamatha Hagenseker

MCO Admin

Tamatha and her husband were welcomed into the “world of disability” when their third child was born with a rare genetic mutation. As a result, he remains in a newborn mental state with no physical control. Only given two to four years to live, he has now lived years beyond that estimate. Tamatha and her husband are absolutely blessed to have him in the family, but the impact has been tremendous. Each family member has had to make lifestyle changes as a result. Through it all, Tamatha has worked hard to help her family find and maintain “a new normal.”

This everyday experience has given Tamatha the ability to help extended family and friends when they have faced the disability of a loved one. She has had the opportunity to share her experiences and provide comfort and compassion throughout her community. Tamatha is excited to be working for Moms In Motion. She hopes to help many others who are facing a disability to thrive as they find their own “new normal.”

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