Our Mission & Vision

Moms In Motion (Moms) is a Consumer-Directed Service Facilitation provider for individuals approved for Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers (CCC Plus, CL & FIS, EPSDT program). Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all the individuals we serve and their families. We focus on using person-centered practices while providing superior service. We strive to continually expand our knowledge, share resources, and engage in advocacy through community- and state-wide networks, in order to best assist individuals in navigating the waiver world’s constant changes. By leveraging our passion, talent, and experience to lead others to the answers, help, and hope for which they are looking for, we can foster a culture of ACES.

Moms In Motion’s Culture Points: ACES

A = Advocacy: Empowerment and education bringing people together for positive change.

C = Compassion: Effective and caring partnership with you on your journey through our unique perspective.

E = Excellence: Excellence in everything we do.

S = Service: Through advocacy, compassion, and excellence, we provide superior person-centered service.

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