Ability Unlimited is Closing

Ability Unlimited
After a lot of hard work and extreme focus and effort, our sister company, Ability Unlimited has come to the difficult realization and decision that it is just not viable. 
To our valued Ability Unlimited Families and Community Partners:
First and foremost, please know that as always, Moms In Motion/At Home Your Way is here to support you and your family and will continue to provide information and the high caliber standard of service we strive for in every experience.
After a lot of hard work and extreme focus and effort, Ability Unlimited has come to the difficult realization and decision that Ability Unlimited is just not viable. 
Ability Unlimited started because we believed it was an opportunity to fill a service void for our community and could bring added value to the families we already served. We took on this challenge at the same time that MCOs became more involved with the CCC+ Waiver and regulations around the CCC+ & DD Waivers evolved. We believed that if Ability Unlimited stuck out these difficult learning and transition periods for all involved that the road would become smoother and sustainable. The road has smoothed and is still bumpy. 
Over the last six months, we doubled down on our effort to make Ability Unlimited a success for us and the families we served.  After as much resources and focus as possible has been put forth, the outlook has improved dramatically, but is still such that it  cannot be a self-sustaining entity.  Therefore, we have made the very difficult decision to shut down Ability Unlimited.  
Ability Unlimited will continue to process requests that are already in process and are close to being submitted for authorization (those with the required professional evaluations). Effective immediately Ability Unlimited will not be accepting new requests. For those families on the waivers with Care Coordinators or Support Coordinators, we refer you back to your coordinators for guidance on finding an alternate provider. For families without a coordinator (those on HIPP or temporarily on straight Fee-For-Service Medicaid), please click HERE for an extensive provider list.
This is an opportunity for us to refocus all of our resources on our greatest strength and what brings us the most joy. 
Moms In Motion (Moms) continues to be the biggest provider of Service Facilitation in the state of Virginia. 
Moms is the biggest because we are the best. And Moms is the best because of the shared passion of all of our team to help families find the Answers, Help & Hope they are looking for. 
Moms In Motion looks forward to continuing to serve families in the capacity of Service Facilitation, being a value added provider through helping families navigate applying for Waivers and fully understanding the benefits of Waivers.
Ability Unlimited
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