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Moms In Motion, LLC (Moms) is a Service Facilitation provider for Medicaid CD-PAS (EDCD, ID & DD Waivers) enrollees and a Case Management provider for DD Waiver enrollees. Our mission is to enhance the outcome for all of our clients and their families, by using person-centered practices while providing superior service, sharing resources, continually expanding our knowledge, and networking.


Our primary areas of growth will be advocating in the school systems for our younger clients, assisting young adults with transitioning to independence, and helping our aging clients to be cared for by the people who love them.


We serve clients of all ages: children, young adults and aging.

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We believe that every person, whether young or elderly, regardless of disability, has the right to nurturing, personalized care supported by those who love them.


If you are facing the challenges of finding high-quality care for your loved one, and need the support of a Waiver or other program, there are resources available for you.


Get in touch with us to find out about the Medicaid Waiver programs that may be available to help you provide for the care of your loved one.


There are also community-driven programs that can help you to find the resources and assistance to encourage a high quality of life for your child, elderly parent, or other loved one.

Wings for All - A free airport rehearsal program at Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National Airports. Nov 1st and Nov 8th. 


Virginia Directory Available for Consumer-Directed Assistants funded by a grant acquired by The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD)


Update on My Life, My Community Letter From the Commissioner of DBHDS


The Arc to Launch New National Resource Center for Future Planning


Case for Inclusion 2014 of United Cerebral Palsy


Supported Decision-Making: An Agenda

for Action From The Jenny Hatch Justice

Project & Quality Trust for Individuals

with Disabilities

Disability Advocacy Within The Community

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